December, 2016 Vol: 16

December, 2016 Vol:16

China Rubber Industry Yearbook is an information-intensive reference book organized and compiled by China Rubber Industry Association with such characteristics as authoritative information, prompt response, continuous publication and comprehensive data. As a window for all sectors of society to know the rubber industry, China Rubber Industry Yearbook provides rich, full and accurate industrial materials for government agencies at different levels, research institutions, enterprises engaged in rubber and the related industries, people from all walks of life and both Chinese and foreign investors.

Compiled and published year by year, this book aims to record the development process of the Chinese rubber industry comprehensively, systematically and accurately as well as guide the scientific development of the Chinese rubber industry. During the editing process, new characteristics and new problems to be solved in the process of development are recorded truly, the reinforcement of sense of time and regional characteristics is paid attention to, and the introduction of new conditions and new achievements is focused on to “know the past, provide reference for the future and serve the reality”. In addition, this book gives full play to its roles as political guider, adviser and information provider in the national economic construction.

There are 15 editions of China Rubber Industry Yearbook now. Under the premise of keeping the basic framework relatively stable, s

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