Cabot Setting up Asian Technical Center in Shanghai

07 November 2016 | Source from China Rubber Journal

According to the news of the American media on June 15, Cabot announced lately that it planned to set up a new application innovation laboratory in the headquarters of Cabot in Asian-Pacific region in Minhang District, Shanghai, China.

This company expressed that the proposed new facility would serve as the infrastructure and laboratory of its Asian Technical Center to provide support and services for all its businesses in this region. According to information, in the initial stage, Asian Technical Center would be equipped with over 30 researchers and scientists and would keep on cooperating with the expanding research team of the company around the world. In addition, the new laboratory would devote to promoting sharing of best practices and ideas between enterprises, cultivating open and innovative spirit and enhancing cooperation with the clients.

Asian Technical Center will possess the most advanced technology and testing equipment and provide the current world- class technical services. The laboratory will support all production lines of Cabot, including test and development capacity of activated carbon, carbon black for rubber and special carbon black, gas phase metallic oxide, color master batch and mixed materials and colorant for ink jet, to get close to the application of the terminal clients of the company. To further strengthen the client experience and display the test and innovation capacity of Cabot, this laboratory will also design a product showroom. Cabot expressed that the new laboratory would better satisfy the unique demand of Chinese and Asian clients for a series of key applications. 

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