Hutchinson Company Marching toward Northeast Market

07 November 2016 | Source from China Rubber Journal

To expand the northern market, Hutchinson (Wuhan) Automobile Rubber Products Co., Ltd. established Dadong Branch in Shenyang, Liaoning on March 4 to rent standard factory to construct the project of glass guide channel for automobile with a production scale of 200,000 sets/year (about 30 tons/year) to support the products in BMW New Fifth Series of BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd.

With an investment of 7 Million Yuan, Dadong Branch is predicted to come into production in May 2017 and employ 100 staff. The semi-finished product extruded tapes would be supplied by Wuhan Company.

Hutchinson (Wuhan) Automobile Rubber Products Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned company invested by French Hutchinson Co., Ltd. Its predecessor is HUTCHINSON- DFEDC founded on August 31, 1995, which is jointly established by French Hutchinson and Dongfeng Industrial Co., Ltd. In March 2007, the stock equity of the company changed to become a wholly foreign-owned company. With main products as various automobile rubber products such as high and low pressure rubber hoses, door and window rubber seal strips, etc., the company is an important strategic cooperation supporting enterprise of OEMs and auto spare parts companies such as Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen, PEUGEOT, Chang’an Ford, SAIC- GM, Volvo, FIAT, NISSAN, Dongfeng Passenger Vehicle, MINTH, INERGY, etc. 

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