National Science and Technology Support Plan Project of Linglong Tire Passing Acceptance

07 November 2016 | Source from China Rubber Journal

On June 26, the “R&D and Application of Aramid Fiber High-performance Radial Tires” subject in “Integrated Application Demonstration of Green Production Technology in Chemical Industry” National Science and Technology Support Plan Project undertaken by Shandong Linglong Tire Co., Ltd. successfully passed the acceptance of the Chinese Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (hereinafter referred to as CPCIF).

Aiming at the R&D and application technology of aramid fiber high-performance radial tires, this subject carried out R&D work in aramid fiber and rubber tire bonding technique, aramid fiber material cutting technique research, aramid fiber cord fabrics performance and material distribution research, tire test, etc. to form structural design technology suitable for aramid fiber tires, successfully apply aramid fiber to radial tires and declare 10 domestic and overseas patents.

According to the test of EU Labeling Regulation, the rolling resistance coefficient of aramid fiber high-performance radial tires reached Grade B, the wet skid resistance performance reached Grade B and the noise reached Grade 2; the research achievements had obvious innovation and promotion application value. 

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