Henan Shourui Constructing Intelligent Conveyor Belt Production Project

09 November 2016 | Source from China Rubber Journal

Lately, the digital workshop technical transformation and continuous conveying system intelligent equipment R&D and production project of Henan Shourui Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was permitted to be filed in the development and reform department.

With a total investment of 520 Million Yuan, this project is predicted to be put into operation at the end of 2017. It will carry out intelligent technical transformation and upgrading of the existing workshop of 26,000 m2, 6 production lines and R&D center; newly build 2 intelligent workshops, 1 expert apartment and 1 integrated test center; newly add one 1400×15600mm and 2700×15600mm multi-function high-strength steel wire core conveyor belt intelligent digital production line and one 1730mm four-roll rolling, extrusion and laminating intelligent digital production line and supporting instruments and equipment and cooperate with the R&D institution to build new intelligent conveying factory; and realize the production capacity of producing 500 sets of continuous conveying system intelligent equipment per year, carry out real-time information collection on material continuous conveying system through intelligent design - equipment installation - data collection - data analysis application technology and form BTOB-oriented networked efficient Internet of Things + delivery industrial chain to drive relevant industries to form a large information center platform with a capacity of over Ten Billion. 

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