Ten Waste Rubber Demonstration Enterprises to Be Established by the State in Five Years

09 May 2017 | Source from China Rubber Journal

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Science and Technology jointly issued a document entitled Instruction on Accelerating the Development of Renewable Resource Industry (Gong Xin Bu Lian Jie [2016] No. 440), which gives instruction to lead and promote the continuous, healthy and rapid development of the renewable resource industry during the “13th Fiveyear Plan”.

The Instruction defines the main missions and main objectives in 8 key fields including waste tires by 2020 as well as 10 key pilot demonstrations including the clean utilization and demonstration of waste rubber to establish, cultivate and support a batch of pilot demonstration enterprises with market competitiveness, etc.

As a key field in the renewable resource industry, the main missions and main objectives of waste tires during the “13th Five-year Plan” are as follows: Develop advanced technologies for tire retreading and reproduction, promote the construction of the advanced technology guarantee system for tire retreading, and implement product quality monitoring management to ensure the product quality of retreaded tires. Besides, research, develop and promote efficient and low-consumption rubber powder of waste tires, new eco-friendly reclaimed rubber and thermal cracking production technologies and equipment to realize the eco-friendly application of waste tires. By 2020, the recycling and eco-friendly application of waste tires will reach 8.50 million tons and the tire retreading ratio will reach 8% ~ 10%.

The main tasks in the clean application demonstration of waste rubber include developing green, intelligent and continuous complete set of equipment of reclaimed rubber, researching and developing industrially-continuous tire thermal cracking technologies and equipment, promoting such technologies as continuous closed production and negative-pressure thermal cracking of reclaimed rubber, expanding the promotion and application of such products as modified asphalt, high-tenacity reclaimed rubber and high-quality carbon black, and cultivating about 10 demonstration enterprises for clean and higher value application of waste rubber. 

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