National Development and Reform Commission Released Key Product Catalogue in the Emerging Industry

10 May 2017 | Source from China Rubber Journal

To carry out the “National Strategic Emerging Industry Development Plan during the 13th Five-year Plan” and lead the investment orientation of the whole social resources, recently, National Development and Reform Commission published the Key Product and Service Guidance Catalogue in the Strategic Emerging Industry (2016 Version) by No. 1 Announcement in 2017.

On the basis of 8 industries in 5 fields (New Generation of Information Technology Industry, Highend Equipment Manufacturing Industry, New Material Industry, Bioindustry, New Energy Automobile Industry, New Energy Industry, Energy-saving and Eco-friendly Industry and Digital Creativity Industry) defined in the "National Strategic Emerging Industry Development Plan during the 13th Five-year Plan", the new catalogue further subdivides into 174 sub-directions under 40 key directions including nearly 4,000 subdivided products and services.

Thereinto, there are 7 sub-directions under 4 industries and 4 key directions involved in rubber industry, including many subdivided products such as SR, rubber sealing parts, rubber belts, tire retreading, comprehensive utilization of waste rubber and intelligent equipment. Specifically, key products include:

1. Advanced Equipment Manufacturing Industry

1.1 Intelligent manufacturing equipment industry

1.1.1 Industrial robots & workstations

Industrial robots can replace human beings to do some work in industrial production, such as carrying, welding, assembling, coating and water cutting.

1.1.2 Intelligent logistics equipment

Intelligent material handling equipment refers to intelligent equipment for material movement and carrying in manufacturing workshops or between workshops, such as AGV, LGV and intelligent suspension transportation system.

Intelligent warehousing equipment refers to intelligent equipment and systems which can automatically store and take out goods, such as automatic stereoscopic warehouse, automatic recognition system, narrow-aside stacker crane and expert system.

2. New Material Industry

2.1 New functional material industry

2.1.1 High-quality synthetic rubber

Heatproof, anti-corrosion and abrasion-resistant functional rubber, special rubber materials, fluorous rubber, silicone rubber, thermoplastic elastomer, new trans butyl e copolymer rubber and other rubber materials.

2.1.2 High-performance sealing materials

Efficient sealants, sealing gums and rubber belts; covering parts, structural parts and sealing materials for power transmission, vibration attenuation and driving systems of driving parts of saloon cars as well as middle and top light vehicles; sealing parts for high-pressure, hydraumatic and pneumatic systems of large complete set of equipment; sealing parts for high-temperature and high-pressure machines of electrical equipment; non-contact gas film sealing parts of high-speed turbo compressors used for petrochemical industry; metal magnetic fluid materials and sealing parts; high-performance non-asbestos sealing materials; high-performance carbon-graphite sealing materials; high-performance pressureless sintered silicon carbide materials, self-lubricating sealing materials; and polysulfide sealant materials for aeronautics and astronautics.

3. New Energy Industry

3.1 Wind energy industry

3.1.1 Components and parts of wind generating sets 

All kinds of sealing parts matching the 3 MW or higher offshore, highland, low-temperature and lowspeed wind generating sets.

4. Energy-saving and Eco-friendly Industry

4.1 Resource recycling industry

4.1.1 Reproduction of auto parts and electromechanical products

Tire treading.

4.1.2 Resource recycling and application

Harmless recycling and utilization of waste rubber and waste plastics includes technologies and complete set of equipment for waste tire crushing under normal temperature and reclaimed rubber under normal pressure continuously, complete set of equipment for modified asphalt with rubber powder of waste tires, whole stripping and slicing crusher of waste tires, and waste tire decomposition device for making oil and carbon black. 

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