The Efficient Continuous Reclaimed Rubber Production Line of Green Gold Giant Company Passed the Identification

10 May 2017 | Source from China Rubber Journal

The “LJR-5000Y Green Efficient Continuous Preparation Reclaimed Rubber Production Line” researched by Nanjing Green Gold Giant Rubber & Plastic Hi-tech Co., Ltd. passed the expert identification organized by Jiangsu Economic and Information Technology Commission on February 22. In the experts’ opinion, the systemic technology of this product was the first at home and leading in the world. This project is researched on the basis of the key scientific research project of the National 863 Program in the “Twelfth Five-year Plan” — Packaged Technical Equipment of Reclaimed Rubber for Green Preparation Particles in Continuous Desulphurization with Multistage Screw undertaken by Beijing University of Chemical Technology, which has been authorized for 4 patents for invention. Professor Ren Dongyun, the president of Nanjing Green Gold Giant Rubber & Plastic Hitech Co., Ltd. is always devoted to the research of the polymer processing and screw extruder field, undertakes this 863 Program in Beijing University of Chemical Technology and makes significant breakthroughs in researching 2000-ton, 3000-ton and 5000-ton “continuous eco-friendly desulfurization production line with multistage screw” of the reclaimed rubber. The production line identified in this time has been successfully operated in such enterprises as Chongqing Jiulong Rubber Products Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Hengshui Huarui Engineering Rubber Co., Ltd. respectively.

The Expert Committee considers that the innovation points of this production line includes: 1. Complete the mainframe extrusion desulfurization equipment and extrusion refining equipment of the 5000-ton production line annually by dynamic simulation, screw torque calculation, shear force field simulation, feeding rate calculation and cooling rate calculation; 2. Independently research and develop the continuous homothermal preheating device, anti-adhesion double-order double-rotor cooling device, tilting sided feeding device, etc. to perfect the reasonable cohesion and connection in series and realize the serialization, automation and intelligentization of the whole production line; 3. Optimally design the matching desulfurization and mooney reduction process conditions and realize the continuity, energy conversation, and environmental protection of the reclaimed rubber preparation technology as well as excellence and stability of the product performance in combination with the independently researched and developed high-performance environmental protection and regeneration formula; 4. Use double screws+multiple screws to prepare multi varieties of eco-friendly granulated reclaimed rubber for the first time, do research on the applied technology, and solve the problems of difficult and disperse application, high energy consumption and easy burning in the downstream of the traditional massive reclaimed rubber.

The products produced by this device have passed the testing of the Machinery Industry Center for Quality Supervision and Test of Environmental Protection Machinery Products. The indicators of the tested projects meet the Q/32011LJR001-2016 Enterprise Standard for Green Efficient and Continuous Preparation Production Line of Reclaimed Rubber, and the users have good feedback. After testing of such companies as Pony Testing International Group, the loading operation process of this production line meets the national requirements for environmental protection and the production process equipment, testing methods and quality guarantee system can meet the production requirements of the enterprises. 

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