Double Coin Completes New Manufacturing Plant in Thailand

25 July 2017 | Source from Tire Review

Double Coin and CMA, announced the completion of its new advanced manufacturing facility in Thailand. The facility is owned by Huayi Group Co. and will manufacture truck, bus, industrial tires and OTR tires for the North American market.

“This is Double Coin’s first manufacturing plant outside of China and one of a total of six plants. This project is also an important cooperation between China and Thailand according to China’s One Belt And One Road strategy,” said Tim Phillips, vice president of marketing and operations for Double Coin. “This plant needed to be built in order to meet the growing demand for Double Coin tires as well as our continued plans to expand our product line.”

The new facility is set to manufacture over 2.5 million TBR tires as well as fifty thousand OTR tires. With new technologies and equipment in the facility, automation is more widely used such as with manufacturing and material transfer.

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