30 July 2017 | Source from Tyre Trade News

Triangle Tyre held its “2017 Global Summit” in the coastal city of Rongcheng, China, not far from Weihai, where the company is headquartered, at the end of June.

The Global Summit’s aim was to foster and strengthen relationships with worldwide business partners, share the next stages of the companies’ evolution and in particular the targeted acceleration of the Company’s presence in the global market.

“The teams are now on the ground and building the infrastructure to support our partners in their go-to-market,” Tony Nobilo, Executive General Manager, International Sales & Marketing, said. “Marketing activities and revenue growth, together with ambitious market share targets, are in focus of these local operations,” he continued. “We are also deploying technical resources into the field to better support the needs of our customers worldwide, and to gather real-time technical information that will accelerate new product development and continuously improve the quality of our products.”

An audience of more than 400 guests ranging from valuable worldwide customers to suppliers, banks and Government Authorities witnessed Triangle Tyre’s top management presenting the path to strengthen the Global positioning of the Company.

“We are proud to have so many of our partners and customers join us for the ‘2017 Global Summit’ to forge deeper, and stronger long-term business relationships,” said Tony Nobilo. “We will do everything we can to support our partners and customers around the world to growth together with us in a sustainable and responsible way. Triangle will remain committed to investing in innovation and quality of the products, growing our partnerships with tyre operators around the globe.”

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