Double Arrow Energy-conserving and Environment-friendly Conveyor Belt Technology Center Was Inaugurated

11 October 2017 | Source from China Rubber Journal

On June 22, Zhejiang Double Arrow Rubber Co., Ltd. solemnly held an inauguration ceremony & product release conference for “China Rubber Industry Energy-conserving and Environment-friendly Conveyor Belt Technology Center”.

Double Arrow Rubber Co., Ltd. Technology Center is one of the first three conveyor belt industry technology centers recognized by China Rubber Industry Association. The center puts its emphasis of research on energy-conserving and environment-friendly conveyor belts. Over the years, through long-term technological cooperation with first-class colleges, universities and scientific research institutions, Double Arrow Rubber Co., Ltd. has been making full use of the edge of the Company on technological R&D and constantly strengthening R&D of new conveyor belt products. At present, the Company has obtained 86 state-authorized patents and presided over 27 national and industrial standards. Over the past two years, the Company has also successfully developed new energy-conserving and environment-friendly conveyor belt products featuring aramid fiber, anti-adherence, antarafacial and high temperature resistance, adapting itself better to the demands of the market for development.

According to Deng Yali, president of China Rubber Industry Association, the Energy-conserving and Environment-friendly Technology Center is a technology innovation platform with high value and immense influence. The fact that it was recognized by the Association indicated that the technological R&D, energy-conservation and environmental protection, as well as innovative strength of Double Arrow Rubber Co., Ltd. had reached a high level within the industry. The Company should take it as an opportunity to further enhance its strength on scientific research, build a first-class platform for conveyor belt innovation, and provide greater technological support for the development of the conveyor belt industry in China.

Shen Gengliang, chairman of Double Arrow Rubber Co., Ltd., said that this recognition of the technology center served not only as the best interpretation of the core concepts of “innovation and environmental protection” to which the Company had been adhering, but also as a gift for the 30th anniversary that the Company had celebrated not long ago. In the future, the Company will, centering on the development direction of going green and environment-protecting technologies within the industry, continue to vigorously conduct industry-university-research cooperation and further improve its ability to innovate independently, so that it can play better its role as technological support, innovate its product management model, speed up industrial upgrading and improve its core competence. 

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