Popularization of Green Tire Safety Ushered in a New Upsurge Again

11 October 2017 | Source from China Rubber Journal

On June 15, “2017 Global Tire Tech Forum & 2017 China Green Tire Safety Week” was held in Yantai. It was a public activity of the third “China Green Tire Safety Week” held by China Rubber Industry Association since June 15, 2015. This activity aimed to popularize basic knowledge of tires and common sense for safe use to the consumers, vigorously propagandize green tires, and interpret the Chinese tire labels. In the corresponding period, under the “green, intelligent, innovative and sharing” theme, 2017 Global Tire Tech Forum held by China Rubber Industry Association made thorough discussions about the development trend of tires from five sections, including Regulations & Market, Automobile & Intelligent Tires, New Materials, Tire Test and New Technologies.

The playback of the wonderful activities in the first and the second China Green Tire Safety Week on the screen kicked off the third China Green Tire Safety Week. Next, the highlights of 2017 China Tire Safety Week, CTSW and the animated propaganda video which gave an interpretation to the tire label were played on the screen, visually reflecting the performance indexes in all respects shown by a tire label. For example, the tire rolling resistance can save fuel by 0.15% for every different grade; the higher the slippery coefficient of a tire is, the shorter the braking distance of the automobile is, vividly elaborating the superiority of green tires in safety and energy conservation.

In the speech, Deng Yali, the president of China Rubber Industry Association, indicated that innovation-driven, intelligent manufacturing and green development were important themes in the development of the global manufacturing industry nowadays, which were not only the internal demand for the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure in China, but also the objective demand for the enterprises to strengthen the product competitiveness. In order to adapt to the trend that the environment protection pressure is increasing day by day, in recent years, the Chinese rubber industry has comprehensively implemented the innovation-driven and green development strategy and vigorously researched and developed green raw materials, green technologies and intelligent equipment to provide high-quality, high value-added, safe and eco-friendly green tires to all the society. Meanwhile, it has also given great impetus to the implementation of the Chinese tire label system and the construction of the tire testing ground. In September 2016, the Chinese tire label system began to carry out willingly. At present, China Rubber Industry Association has issued over 60 labels. Green tires can not only reduce the fuel consumption of the vehicles, reduce the carbon emission, reduce the air pollution index and improve the atmospheric environment, but also can promote the technical progress, quality improvement and structure adjustment of the Chinese tire industry so as to make the industry move towards a medium and high-end level.

Deng Yali said that the synchronous initiation of this Global Tire Tech Forum & China Green Tire Safety Week would further promote the development of green tires, guide green manufacturing and green consumption, take green products and green plants as an target, and further improve the resource utilization rate during the whole life cycle from product design, manufacture, transportation and utilization to scrap disposition, thus reducing the negative effect on environment to the full extent. By technical innovation as well as system and mechanism innovation, it aimed to build a low-carbon manufacturing system, promote low-carbon transportation and form a new pattern with harmonious development between man and nature.

It was an important part to propagandize the Chinese tire label system in this Safety Week. Zhu Hong, the director of CRIA Technical & Economic Committee, explained the Chinese tire label system to the representatives present at the meeting and reported the implementation situation of the Chinese tire label system. She said that with the establishment of the tire label system, the market share of green tires would be further improved, and tire enterprises would increase the input in the production capacity of green tires to realize the industrialization of green tires. This industry would take it as an opportunity, comprehensively promote the step of industrial energy conservation as well as low-carbon, eco-friendly and clean production, and lead the whole industry to promote green production and green products, improve the scientific development level of the industry and realize the industrial upgrading.

The activities of this Safety Week included “Linglong Tire·2017 China Tire Safety Week, CTSW” held in Wanda Plaza, Yantai from June 10 to 11, setting up “Special Chinese Tire Label Exhibition Area and Special Cutting-edge Technology Tire Exhibition Area”, etc.

Thereinto, China Tire Safety Week, CTSW included 4 areas on the scene: Rolling Resistance Challenge Activity Area, Tire Going Around Activity Region, Bicycle Riding Electricity Area and Tire Knowledge Popularization Area. Through the direct interaction with the field audiences, the tire maintenance and utilization knowledge auditorium, popular tire knowledge presentation board and other methods, such knowledge as concept and performance of green tires, tire utilization and maintenance knowledge, common sense of safe utilization and how to choose tires by virtue of tire labels were popularized to the consumers in leisure and entertainment.

The “Special Chinese Tire Label Exhibition Area” showed the tire products of the enterprises approved by China Rubber Industry Association which post labels willingly in China at present and illustrated the performance, characteristics and other information of every tire posted with a label. The “Special Cutting-edge Technology Tire Exhibition Area” showed the cutting-edge technical products such as grapheme tire, run-flat tire, commercial fireproofing tire and GT supercar hot-melted racing tire, in which Linglong Tire also showed the original tire of Hongqi L5, China’s Ambassador Car.

Besides, this Safety Week continuously distributed 20,000 Public Brochures specially produced and printed by China Rubber Industry Association to the consumers to spread the basic knowledge of tire utilization and maintenance and facilitate the common consumers to recognize and understand; China Rubber Industry Association also interpreted the tire label by the way of animation so that common consumers can read the tire label and choose suitable high-quality tires for their cars. In the corresponding period, upon application, tire enterprises could use “6·15 China Green Tire Safety Week” labels to propagandize at their own terminal distribution channels and outlets, carry out promotional activities matching the sales channels and outlets, and spread the knowledge of green tires, tire labels and safe utilization of tires to the consumers more widely.

At the Tire Tech Forum, experts from auto and tire industries, institutions of higher learning, professional research institutions, testing organizations, certification bodies and other organs made thorough discussions about the development and application of green tires, solutions of tires in the future, tire label law and tire design, intelligent manufacture of innovation-driven tires, importance of tire features in the whole vehicle development process, synergetic development situation, strategy and practice of the Chinese tire dynamics, RFID technology and tire, importance of tire inflation pressure loss ratio, demand of tire test for the testing ground, tire test in winter, subjective assessment of tire ground test, new materials, new technologies and new products used for tires.

It is learnt that the tenet of “China Green Tire Safety Week” held by China Rubber Industry Association is to propagandize green tire knowledge to the consumers, propose safe utilization of tires, promote green conception, environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction in the society, and finally promote the healthy development of the Chinese green tires from the terminal consumers. By virtue of this public activity, China Rubber Industry Association continuously promotes the transformation, upgrading and green development of the Chinese tire industry; implements tire label system to make the consumers intuitively judge the quality of the tire and adapt to the demand of the consumers at home and abroad to prefer to purchasing high-quality, green, energy-saving and safe tires; leads green manufacture and green consumption to accelerate the promotion of the technical progress, quality improvement and structural adjustment of the Chinese tire industry. 

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