Full Electro-magnetic Induction Heating Metal Internal Mold Vulcanizing Equipment Passing Appraisal

13 October 2017 | Source from China Rubber Journal

On June 29, CPCIF organized the experts to carry out achievement appraisal of “high-performance tire direct-pressure full electro-magnetic induction heating metal internal mold shaping and vulcanizing technology and equipment” in Weihai, Shandong. This equipment was successfully developed by “National Engineering Lab for Tire Design and Manufacturing Process” jointly built by Triangle Tire Co., Ltd. and Beijing University of Chemical Technology. The appraisal committee thought that this technology was in an international leading level.

Aiming at problems such as high energy consumption, low efficiency, need of lead weight due to accuracy error caused by current tire shaping and vulcanizing process which inflates steam in the capsule with high heat resistance, low rigidity and short life to indirectly heat and press for vulcanizing and shaping, the project put forwards the innovative process of heating metal mold with low heat resistance, high rigidity and long life through electro-magnetic induction heating to directly heat and press for precise shaping and vulcanizing inside and outside the tire for the first time at home and abroad. Compared with that of traditional tire vulcanizing and shaping process adopting steam-heated capsule, the energy consumption of 255/30R22 high-performance tire produced by this invention technology and equipment reduces by 86%. Meanwhile, the balance and evenness of the finished tire obviously increase and the randomly sampled sample tires have reduced 22% of lead weight. By improving mold manufacturing accuracy and optimizing shaping process parameters, it is expected to thoroughly eliminate the lead weight, thus exploiting an effective approach for solving this “long-standing, big and difficult” problem.

This achievement has obtained 11 patents for invention and possessed completely proprietary intellectual property right. 

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