Rubber Chemicals Waste Water Recycling Technology of Kemai Chemical Passing Appraisal

16 October 2017 | Source from China Rubber Journal

On June 27, the “Research and Development of Rubber Chemicals Waste Water Recycling Technology” project of Kemai Chemical Co., Ltd. passed the achievement appraisal organized by CPCIF. The experts of the appraisal committee thought that the overall technology of this achievement reached international leading level.

This rubber chemicals waste water recycling technology mainly has the following innovations: Firstly, it developed the new generation of rubber chemicals waste water recycling technology to realize reasonable separation and resource recycling of salt, water and organics in chemicals waste water, with 100% salt, 98% organics and 95% water recycled to solve the problem of disposing high-concentration organic waste water with high salt content and difficult degradation in rubber chemicals industry. Secondly, as for different products such as rubber accelerator and anti-aging agent, mechanical steam re-compressor (MVR) was adopted to develop four-step pre-treatment process of “distillation recovery + cooling sedimentation + acid-alkali regulation + airflow flocculation” to recycle the organics, thus realizing recycling of organics; and recycle the industrial salt through concentration and crystallization. Thirdly, it developed the process combining two-stage evaporation and condensation deep treatment to ensure that the effluent is recycled for production process, thus realizing recycling of waste water.

The experts thought that with advanced technology and mature and feasible process, this project could save 80,000 tons of water each year and had obvious social and economic benefit; it conformed to the national requirements for cleaner production as well as energy conservation and emission reduction; the product quality satisfied the user requirements and had high promotion value, thus it was suggested to further enhance promotion and application.

It is learned that from 2015 to 2016, Kemai Chemical invested nearly One Hundred Million Yuan to successively build 5 sets of waste water recycling treatment equipment in two factories in Tianjin and Inner Mongolia to solve the problem of treating rubber chemicals waste water with high salt content, high COD and biotoxicity and dramatically reduce the cost for waste water treatment while realizing recycling utilization of waste water. At present, all equipment have passed the environmental protection acceptance and been running stably. In addition, there are still 3 sets of complete equipment for waste water recycling treatment to be built as stand-by equipment to ensure 24-hour stable operation of environmental protection facilities of the factory. 

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