EVE Continuous Liquid Phase Mixing for Synthetic Rubber Passed Appraisal

27 October 2017 | Source from China Rubber Journal

The “Technology Development and Application Demonstration Project of Continuous Liquid Phase Mixing for Synthetic Rubber Used for Tires” completed jointly by Eve Rubber Institute Ltd., MESNAC Co., Ltd., Ecombine Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. and Sailun Jinyu Group Co., Ltd. passed the experts’ appraisal organized by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association on August 1. According to the appraisal commission, this project has successfully developed the continuous liquid phase mixing technique for synthetic rubber/white carbon black for the first time in the world and the green tires they manufacture have high abrasion resistance and have reached A/B level of EU Labeling Code. The result is in the international advanced level.

This project was proposed by Dr. Wang Mengjiao from Eve Rubber Institute Ltd. to produce rubber materials for high-performance tires through developing efficient dispersion and coagulation technique and devices, greatly improving the dispersity of white carbon black as well as the strengthening effect of white carbon black for rubber. At present, the relevant core technology has been authorized and issued 14 Chinese patents and 1 American utility patent, which indicates that this project possesses independent intellectual property.

According to a certification from world automotive testing certification authority IDIADA, this kind of material is used as tread rubber without changing original tire structure and tread. Meanwhile, the wet skid resistance of tire can achieve A level of EU Labeling Code while the rolling resistance index will reach B level. Compared with green tires manufactured by international first-line brands through dry processing, green tires produced by this kind of materials achieve world high quality grade in composite tire performance indexes with more than 10% enhancement in wet skid resistance, more than 13% reducing in rolling resistance index and more than 30% improvement in wear resisting performance.

It is so far the only technique in the world that can be used to simultaneously improve the tire rolling resistance, wet skid resistance and wear resistance and produce tire tread materials with all these indexes reaching optimum level. What’s more, the technique of continuous liquid phase mixing for rubber composites production in this project will save more than 20% of energy in rubber mixing process. 

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