Key Technology of Eucommia Applied in Aircraft Tires Passed Appraisal

22 December 2017 | Source from China Rubber Journal

On November 7, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation organized experts in Beijing to appraise the technological results involved in the project of “Key Technology of Eucommia Applied in Aircraft Tires” jointly finished by Shenyang University of Chemical Technology, Xiangxi Laodie Biology Co., Ltd. and Shenyang T-Rubber Co., Ltd. Jian Xigao, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, hosted the appraisal meeting.

In the opinion of the appraising experts, this project has applied eucommia to high-speed aircraft tires for the first time, conducted relevant studies on application foundation, successfully made eucommia aircraft tires, passed the dynamic simulation experiments at the highest speed where all functions reached what is required by the standard, thus it is innovative; aiming at problems such as high hardness of the eucommia blend and the great difficulty in molding and manufacturing, it has successfully developed the new technology of blending eucommia master batch and natural master batch, re-

solved key technologies such as extrusion and molding of rubber blends, and achieved the manufacturing of rubber blends using the existing aircraft tire manufacturing equipment; the rubber blend is characterized by low heat generation, deflection existent and low abrasion, which makes it worthy popularizing. As eucommia is a purely natural bio-based rubber, this technology conforms to requirements on environmental protection.

In the opinion of the appraising experts, the overall technologies in this project have reached a globally advanced level, and the application of eucommia to aircraft tires is pioneering worldwide, thus it has passed the approval with their consensus. Further efforts in popularizing the application are recommended.

Both Shenyang University of Chemical Technology and Xiangxi Laodie Biology Co., Ltd. are vice president units of China Eucommia Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance which has played an active role in coordinating and pushing forward this project. 

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