MESNAC Newly Adding Fourth Generation of Single-Stage Building Machine of Intelligent Passenger Tire

25 December 2017 | Source from China Rubber Journal

On September 21, on “RubberTech China 2017” held at Shanghai New International Expo Centre, MESNAC launched the fourth generation of single-stage building machine of passenger radial tire -PS2A. With six technologies such as synchronous de-enveloping filling in the domestic gap and single cycle time of the product breaking through 40 seconds, this model has been the building machine with the highest intelligence level independently developed by China so far, and has reached world advanced level on the whole.

PS2A belongs to two-drum three-station full-automatic building machine and only needs one person to operate; with a floor area of 15.5x10.5x3.5m and building scope of 14~22 inches, it is suitable for SOT&TOS building process. This building machine has five characteristics and can enable the customers to get a higher-quality, more efficient, more stable and more easily-used user experience.

Firstly, the technologies and processes combine perfectly to guarantee high-quality tire. Aiming at the demand of the users for high-quality tire, the R&D team carries out technical tackling and upgrading in aspects such as synchronous de-enveloping, automatic stepless full-range belt drum, full-range synchronous belt layer transfer ring, synchronous profiling dynamic rolling, intelligent correction system and reliable supply system, realizes breakthrough of multiple technologies and provides technical guarantee for producing high-quality tires.

Secondly, single cycle time breaks through 40 seconds and the building efficiency takes lead in the industry. building efficiency and building quality are the core concerns of tire enterprises, and MESNAC always seeks for the optimal balance point between building efficiency and building quality. By optimizing building process and key path motion, with single cycle time breaking through 40S, the products of PS2A can be constantly and stably produced while producing high-quality tires.

Thirdly, the maintainability is obviously improved and the implicit cost is reduced by 50%. Through modular and standardized design, the material types of PS2A building machine are largely reduced, and the typical structure is more unified, thus lowering the maintenance difficulty of the equipment and realizing quick disassembly, quick mounting, quick installation, quick adjustment, quick check and quick repair. Meanwhile, by application of functions such as guided failure diagnosis and management of partial visualized and paperless parts, it realizes high convenience of equipment maintenance.

Fourthly, it has high reliability and high stability with AOUT≥97%. Through high standard and strict requirement as well as efficient connection and coordination of whole process and whole link such as material reliability test and special research, virtual simulation, processing of precision parts, standard part assembly and 8D quality control, the reliability and stability of PS2A are guaranteed. 

Fifthly, with in-depth electromechanical integration, the product intelligentization level is leading in the industry. This building machine realizes automatic positioning of supply section, and transfer ring, belt layer drum and bead preset can satisfy use with full specification, without replacing tooling, thus realizing automation of specification adjustment. In aspects such as guided failure diagnosis and alarming exclusion, visual maintenance and replacing specification with one key, it combines innovation of mechanical structure and intelligent development and application of software to realize in-depth electromechanical integration and indepth man-machine interworking.

Development of a building machine with such high efficiency, high stability and high intelligentization benefits from profound accumulation of MESNAC in rubber industry, which has four aspects specifically:

Firstly, it benefits from sincere cooperation with over 30 domestic and overseas customers and practice experience of over 200 projects. During the R&D process of PS2A product, MESNAC firstly collected and sorted out the problems of the original model, formed professional team to analyze and summarize item by item to summarize a total of 210 common problems affecting the stability and reliability of the products, and solved them in the R&D design of PS2A.

Secondly, it implants successful advanced experiences and practices. During cooperation with high-end tire enterprises at home and abroad, MESNAC constantly studied and accumulated to internalize and promote the advanced technical standards and requirements in product in combination with self practice. During the whole process of R&D design of PS2A, MESNAC realized implant of many advanced standards and successful experiences to realize perfect combination of technology and process.

Thirdly, it adopts modular design and has simple and stable product structure. In accordance with modular design concept, it guarantees the accuracy of product technology while improving efficiency. As for program modularization, MESNAC has possessed mature module verified through practice. On this basis, aiming at the technological process of PS2A, the R&D team expanded to generate special process module. In addition, as for the modular program, MESNAC adopted unified servers to carry out centralized management, thus guaranteeing information sharing and program unification to the full extent.

Fourthly, it establishes technical platform to support stability of whole process. Modular base, universal standard base and typical structure design specification established by MESNAC greatly supported the stability of technology, and material library, standard parts library, universal parts library, purchased parts library, etc. largely supported the stability of production process. Through drawing modularization as well as standardization of installation, debugging and inspection, the stability of whole-process operation was guaranteed.

During the intelligent manufacturing of the tires, PS2A building machine is only one pearl contributed by MESNAC to the industry, dispensing equipment, semi-finished product equipment, vulcanizing equipment, test equipment, rubber mixing equipment, etc. of MESNAC vigorously promote intelligentization. Successive launch of these intelligent equipment not only improves the planning and design level of MESNAC in tire intelligent factory, but also promotes the intelligent manufacturing process of the whole industry. 

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