Brand New Michelin X-Ice3+ on Sale to Secure Driving Safety in Winter

25 December 2017 | Source from China Rubber Journal

On October 19, the Michelin Company released information that its new-generation winter tire - Michelin X-Ice3+ had gone on sale recently. At present, it is available in Michelin-authorized reseller outlets and its official flagship stores at JD.COM and TMALL.COM. As Michelin’s latest winter tire product, Michelin X-Ice3+ has an extraordinary performance on ice and snow roads and a constant safety performance.

Michelin X-Ice3+ adopts Michelin’s extraordinary third-generation technology for tires to grip snowy and icy roads. Its tread adopts Z fine grooves and adds the design of water storage holes to comprehensively strengthen drainability; the number of tread pattern blocks and their edges increased by 15%, and the design of tread grooves toward five directions makes tires better at gripping roads. An innovative technology of water-melted powder is adopted to achieve more lasting safety performance. The white powders melt in water and create fine water absorbing holes on the tread, which strengthens the tire’s performance in water discharging and storage, ensuring tires’ excellent safety performance on icy roads.

According to the test and verification by a third-party professional authority, the vehicle braking distance of vehicles with this type of tires (new tire) was 3.2 meters (26.2%) shorter than that of vehicles with four other rival tires (new tire) on average. Under the same test conditions, this type of tires also showed better acceleration performance, and its score in the acceleration test on wet and icy roads was 32.7% shorter than the average score of four other new rival winter tires; even in the pretest of tire abrasion, its test score after 10,000 kilometers’ abrasion was 8% shorter than the average score of four other new rival winter tires. Meanwhile, in the test of braking performance on wet and icy roads after 10,000 kilometers’ driving, vehicles equipped with this type of tires (worn tire) had a braking distance of two meters (16.4%) shorter than the average braking distance of vehicles equipped with four other rival tires (new tire). 

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