Linglong Tire Made Its Appearance on Tire Cologne 2018

05 June 2018 | Source from China Rubber Web

On May 29, THE TIRE COLOGNE 2018 was opened successfully in Cologne, Germany, with numerous world famous tire brands appearing on this big event. As a representative of Chinese tire brands, Linglong Tire also made its appearance on Tire Cologne with its well prepared products.

As we all know, Germany is recognized as a large country of automobile manufacture and Tire Cologne is an international tire exhibition. For Linglong, this exhibition is not only the platform to demonstrate its products, but also a good opportunity to make the consumers get to know the performance of Linglong’s products better and improve its brand influence continuously.

At Tire Cologne, the company demonstrated 16 selected tires to the audience, including its hit products like CROSSWIND M/T, a mud-terrain tire, and CrossWind, the OE fitment of Chinese vehicle for state guests named Red Flag L5. Furthermore, it also displayed some new tires like GREEN-Max All Season, featured with excellent handling and lower rolling resistance, and Green-Max ACRO, a tire with excellent handling and comfortable performance. As to TBR tires, Linglong demonstrated its KTD300, KMA400 and ETT100 etc. with new pattern design.


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