AEOLUS Declared to Found a New Company

11 October 2018 | Source from China Rubber Journal

On August 15, AEOLUS Tire Co. Ltd. released an announcement, stating that it would found a branch office temporarily named as AEOLUS Tire Co. Ltd. Ailuchi Branch in Zhongzhan District, Jiaozuo City, Henan Province.

According to the announcement, the newly founded company will be responsible for production, sale and related technology export business of AEOLUS Tire. Besides, it will also carry out such businesses as foreign cooperative production, processing of materials supplied by  clients, etc.

It is said that the new company is founded to meet the development needs of AEOLUS Tire. Ailuchi is an automobile after-sales service and maintenance brand set up officially by AEOLUS Tire in 2013, the main business of which includes replacement and repair of auto tires as well as automobile service and maintenance. 

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