CNPC Dushanzi Successfully Developed Functionalized SSBR

11 October 2018 | Source from China Rubber Journal

Recently, with the first block of snow-white rubber slowly came out from the block making machine of CNPC Dushanzi Research Institute Rubber Pilot Plant, it marked that CNPC’s self-developed functionalized SSBR2060 successfully made its trial-production. It was also the first product trial-produced by this equipment.  

As a reach focus of current SSBR field, functionalized SSBR is able to greatly boost the performance of rubber products through the induction of polar groups during the aggregation phase to improve the dispersion between rubber and filler. At present, as China has not launched any of these industrial products, all of these functionalized SSBR are imported, the price of which are much higher than unfunctionalized SSBR.

Functionalized SSBR, as CNPC Dushanzi Company’s technical reserve item, is also a major trend to achieve high-end oriented production. The Styrene content, Vinyl content, molecular weight and Mooney viscosity of SSBR2260 trial-product fully comply with the requirements of the project. And the successful trial production also accelerates the research and development of this product. 

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