CRIA Organized Young Entrepreneurs of Second Generation of the Industry to Gather in Elite Meeting

18 June 2019 | Source from China Rubber Journal

◎ Hao Zhangcheng

On March 24, under the organization of CRIA, over 20 young entrepreneurs of second generation in rubber industry who have a common goal gathered, they prepared Young Elite Sodality of Chinese Rubber Industry, a stage belonging to the young generation with the wish of learning, making friends, mutual encouragement and realizing development.  

As the successors of rubber industry, they will inherit the responsibilities and join hands to innovate and be dream-seekers and dream-realizers of the dream of making China a rubber industry power.

Xu Wenying, vice chairman and secretary general of CRIA, expressed that after rapid development during 40 years of reform and opening-up, China’s rubber industry had gradually entered the phase of handing over from the old generation of rubber people to the young generation.

These young elites are from various upstream and downstream industries of rubber industry, such as Che Baozhen from Prinx Chengshan, Yuan Song from Sailun Group, Wu Qiongying from Sanlux, Wang Wenbo from Yanggu Huatai, Zhang Xiaochen from Tianjin Saixiang, Zhang Yingzi from Safe-Run Group, Shen Kaifei from Double Arrow, Yao Xiang from Cheeshine Materials and Liu Xiang from Xingda Steel Cord, they passionately introduced themselves and the development history of their companies, exchanged their inspiration and accumulated experience of being engaged in rubber industry, communicated the hot issues and concerned problems of current industry and graciously invited young entrepreneurs to visit locally.

Some of these young entrepreneurs have made a smooth transition from their predecessors to become the leaders of the enterprises and some are taking the post of general manager to implement the planning and arrangement of the Board of Directors in an all-round way. They are the future leaders and constructors of rubber industry. They expressed that they would strive to improve their quality, promote the development of their enterprises and make contribution to the development of China’s rubber industry; in addition, they would actively participate in various social activities for public good and perform the social responsibilities of the enterprise.   

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