CRIA Held 6 •15 Green Tire Safety Week Healthy Run Event

20 August 2019 | Source from China Rubber Journal

◎ Hao Zhangcheng

On June 15, it was quite bustling on the south square of Olympic Forest Park South Park. More than 1,000 runners gathered here to compete for the “2019 China Green Tire Safety Week Healthy Run” 10km public benefit event organized by the China Rubber Industry Association (CRIA)!

The theme of this year’s “6•15 China Green Tire Safety Week” event is “China Tire, Leading the World”. It aims to spread the public benefit concept of green, low-carbon, safe and environmental protection to the public through the form of “green healthy run”, and hopes to popularize general tire safety knowledge and green tire knowledge through such high-engagement event.

Once you start, you can’t stop running!

Since the first “6•15 China Green Tire Safety Week” large-scale public benefit event was launched in Dalian in 2015, CRIA has held the event for five consecutive years. From Dalian to Qingdao, Yantai and Hefei, “6•15 China Green Tire Safety Week” has always launched tire enterprise promotion activities locally and offsite, attracting many tire stores to participate actively. Tire enterprises have held different forms of “road show + product display” activities.

Xu Wenying, vice president and secretary general of CRIA, said in the speech that China’s current security, environment and resource issues are becoming more prominent. The role of tires in car-driving safety and energy conservation & emission reduction has attracted more and more attention. Green tires have become the current development direction of tire manufacturing industry in the world.

Some foreign associations and organizations carry out some tire safety knowledge popularization activities every year, but there is no similar activity in China. Numerous consumers have little knowledge about the safe use of tires. For this reason, CRIA specially launches the “6•15 China Green Tire Safety Week” event.

With CRIA’s vigorous promotion and continuous development of the public benefit event, the pace of green tire industrialization has been accelerating, and the number of tire enterprises applying for China’s green tire labeling has been increasing. More and more sales outlets sell products with Chinese tire labeling, and consumers are also able to know how to identify and purchase safer, more fuel-efficient and more environmentally friendly tires.

CRIA also hopes to achieve the goal of setting a threshold for green tire by actively promoting the implementation process of China’s tire labeling system, and hopes that relevant departments will issue relevant support policies to together promote the transformation and upgrading of tire industry.

Get together, and move forward!

Nine representative enterprises from Chinese tire industry participated in and supported the “6•15 China Green Tire Safety Week” event, including Zhongce Rubber, Linglong Tire, Sailun Tire, Qingdao Doublestar, Guizhou Tyre, GS, Sentury Tire, Prinx Chengshan and Yanchang  Rubber.

Xu Wenying, secretary general of CRIA, and Shi Yifeng, secretary general of the Tire Branch, jointly presented the “Public Benefit Partner” public benefit cups to the nine tire enterprises to express gratitude to them for their efforts in green tire R&D and manufacturing, brand improvement and promotion, support for public benefit activities, etc.

The “Torch Relay” ceremony was held by bosses from the nine tire enterprises. The burning flame reflects the tire people’s enthusiasm for green public benefit, and also marks the determination of Chinese tire enterprises to strive to achieve the dream of leading the world.

Run with Chinese tire

The development of green tires requires the support and close cooperation of government departments, automobile manufacturing industry and the transportation industry. It is also inseparable from the participation of numerous users, consumers and the whole society.

This year’s “6•15 China Green Tire Safety Week Healthy Run” event attracted more than 1,000 runners. Among the many participants, the youngest participant is only nine years old.

After heated competition, finally, Luo Jiatao, wearing the race number of Zhongce Rubber Group, won the men’s champion with the result of 36’ 17’’. Wu Yu, wearing the race number of Jiangsu General Technology won the women’s champion with the result of 40’ 42’’. The two won the award for champion of RMB 1,000 Yuan respectively. Top 20 in men’s and women’s categories received medals, prizes and souvenirs from principals of tire enterprises.

At the Olympic Forest Park on the weekend, tourists were crowded. Through posters of Chinese tire labeling and staff’s explanation, numerous consumers learned more about tire knowledge and excellent tire brands. They truly understood the green tires and Chinese tire labeling. They all said that “seeing labeling when buy tires” facilitated numerous automotive users. Using the carrier of “Chinese Tire Labeling” can help consumers to purchase safer, more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly tires “confidently, trustingly and free from worry”.

In addition to the site of Healthy Run, CRIA also awarded “2019 Designated Promotion Store” of 6•15 China Green Tire Safety Week to 915 tire stores across the country. At the same time, CRIA also printed 1,000 posters of tire labeling to each tire store, respectively promoting the rolling resistance, wet grip and tire noise classification of green tires.  

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