MESNAC’s Six Intelligent Products and Technologies Releasing for the First Time Worldwide

20 December 2019 | Source from China Rubber Journal

◎ Yang Honghui

On October 21, MESNAC held the 2020 New Products and New Technologies Launch Event in Qingdao, and ceremoniously launched three major intelligent technology platforms and three major intelligent equipment.


He Ning, chairman of MESNAC, stated that in recent years, MESNAC has made remarkable achievements in product quality improvement and intelligent technology application. MESNAC’s products cover 80% of the entire tire production process, and can provide three-tier solutions at product level, workshop level and factory level according to the needs of customers around the world. At the same time, MESNAC continues to explore, innovate and practice in intelligent manufacturing, aiming to help enterprises in the industry simplify management, improve quality, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and make higher quality rubber and tire products.

Three Major Intelligent Technology Platforms

R&D platform of MESNAC ROC forming machine. This platform is a product R&D and acquisition center based on customer needs, with standardization and modularization as approach, and supported by product platform, technology platform and test platform. It can realize fast and stable equipment customization according to tire technology; the module adopts standard and unified interface, and subsequent upgrading and transformation of the equipment is simpler; the operation and maintenance are simplified, and it is easy to train; the support equipment is stable and reliable, thus providing customers with optimal forming system.

Intelligent application platform of MESNAC forming machine mixed reality (MR). MR mixed reality is an information technology based on wearable devices. By applying operations, maintenance guides and remote maintenance functions on forming machines and other equipment, it can solve the factory’s dependence on skilled individuals and shorten the growth cycle of new employees, completely improving quality and efficiency and reducing costs. This platform will also be quickly extended to all MESNAC product lines.

Big data intelligent application platform of MESNAC rubber equipment. This platform integrates data analysis, modeling, mining and forecasting. The platform utilizes multiple traditional data mining algorithms and machine learning algorithms such as DNN to model and evaluate, obtains the green tire quality correlation analysis model, and establishes the incidence relation between formed green tire data and dynamic balance uniformity detection data. Therefore, the forming equipment can have a quality prediction function.

Three Major Intelligent Equipment

O-PRO all-steel radial OTR tire forming machine is a PRO series OTR tire forming machine launched after TPRO-S. It is also the third generation OTR tire forming machine independently developed based on ROC forming machine technology platform. This model focuses on the diversified customized requirements of 20"~25" medium and small sized OTR tires (OTR tires, heavy truck tires, military tires, wide base tires, etc.), breaking through key technologies such as green tire positioning and tire tread winding, and increasing the forming efficiency by 50%.

BC-6 small-angle steel cord cutting machine is MESNAC’s sixth-generation small-angle cutting product. This model overcomes the vibration and noise reduction technology of main cutting machine, which can greatly improve the cutting stability; the brand new connector is equipped with synchronous rectification and closed-loop control technology to ensure the quality of connector is stable and reliable; the efficiency exceeds 24/min; the automation technology, such as specification switch with one button, etc., greatly shortens the downtime, and the production capacity of each shift is up to 24,000 meters; the self-created intelligent technologies, such as adjustment-free knife, quality test and closed-loop control, realize the simple and easy use of equipment.

AT-3 all-steel triangle rubber production line is MESNAC’s third-generation all-steel triangle rubber product. After six years of process improvement and technology precipitation, combined with 23 on-site pain points and difficulties from customers, this brand new product with subversive innovation is launched. AT-3 gathers the characteristics of “three highs and one low” with high quality, high efficiency, high intelligence and low operating cost. It has 44 patented technologies and stable connectors. The annual production capacity has increased from 1 million sets to 1.4 million sets.

Demystifying Future Achievement Plan

Another highlight of this new product launch event is the “demystifying” of MESNAC Achievement Plan. The plan is the first time that MESNAC publicly announces the development plan for forming machine. In 2001, MESNAC established the forming machine R&D team; in 2009, it launched the “Ten-Year R&D Plan for Forming Machine”, which is the prototype of the “Achievement Plan”. Accordingly, MESNAC accelerated to open up the global layout of forming business, and European R&D Center, Beijing Jing Yie Mechanical, American WYKO Company, North American R&D Center, etc., have successively joined the global map; in 2014, MESNAC officially released the “Achievement Plan” for forming business, clearly proposing “to give priority to the development of forming machine”, and the forming business speeded up again. PS2A and P-PRO2 semi-steel forming machines, TPRO-S all-steel forming machine and other series of star products have been launched in succession. In the future, MESNAC will continue to exert strength centering on enriching forming product line and improving product quality and intelligence level, and strive to use three to five years to win the world championship of single forming machine product.

Guan Bingzheng, president of MESNAC, pointed out that the product and technology platforms released today are the outcome of MESNAC’s dedicated service to customers around the world. It is also the best witness of MESNAC’s focus on rubber industry. It is much the solemn commitment of MESNAC to promote rubber industry to reach a new world height. In the future, MESNAC will continue to adhere to be platform-based, quality-oriented, innovation-led, and continue to provide customers in rubber industry with the best intelligent manufacturing solutions from single machine to total, to achieve success for customers, for MESNAC, and for the future! 

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