03 February 2020 | Source from Tire Review

Sentury Tire USA is rebranding Landsail Tires as part of its new strategy to communicate a clearer message to both end-users and trade customers, the company says.


In 2010, Sentury Tire introduced the Landsail brand to the U.S. market with a focus on reaching trade customers. Sentury Tire is now revamping the Landsail messaging to emphasize the unique qualities of these particular tires and concentrate its brand strategy on addressing savvy consumers, the company says.

“Through our Brand Development research, we found that the Landsail customer is savvy and dedicates a significant amount of time to researching products,” says Maxwell Wee, executive vice president of Sentury Tire USA. “They don’t make a major purchase without doing their homework, and they know how to make an educated purchase that fits their budget. This knowledge has informed our decision to thoroughly explain the key features and benefits of our Landsail products, specifically on our new website.”

Sentury Tire says this research also led the marketing team to develop a new “look and feel” that enhances the Landsail color palette, includes new typography, incorporates new social influencer photography and communicates a new brand message: Landsail Equipped. Sentury says “Landsail Equipped” means that with each Landsail product, the customer can expect extremely high quality, research and performance.

This is all backed by the fact that while Sentury began manufacturing consumer replacement tires, the company says it also set a goal to manufacture aircraft tires. This goal was realized and Sentury developed the main landing gear of the Boeing 737-700/800/900 aircraft.

Alongside the rebranding and new website to launch in January 2020, Landsail will roll out social campaigns based on new relationships with social media influencers.

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