GS Qianlima launches airtightness improved inner tube

26 May 2020 | Source from China Rubber Journal

News on April 24, General Science Qianlima Inner Tube Factory has recently launched their high-tightness butyl inner tube. According to the authoritative test in the laboratory, compared with their original ordinary inner tube products, the permeability coefficient of butyl inner tube produced by the high airtightness formula is greatly reduced, the overall airtightness is increased by more than 4 times, and the tensile strength, elongation and other properties are more excellent.

Qianlima Inner Tube Factory takes making good products as its own duty, vigorously promotes product innovation, cooperates with international well-known raw material suppliers, adopts new technology and new materials, and jointly creates high air tightness butyl inner tube focusing on strengthening the air tightness; adopts Standard GB1038, strictly controls each link, ensuring the high stability and leading level of product quality.

During the research and development process, the Qianlima inner tube team found that the butyl inner tube with ordinary valve has the disadvantage of easy air leakage. In view of this pain point, they used the utility model patent valve to enhance the adhesion, reduce the delamination of the rubber cushion, and effectively solved the problem of air leakage at the valve position.

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