The first agricultural radial tire goes offline, new products create profit growth point

12 June 2020 | Source from China Rubber Web

On May 19, the first agricultural radial tire 600 / 65R28 of Qingdao QIHANG Tire Co., Ltd. was successfully put off the production line. New products brought more economic benefits to the enterprise, which also became a milestone in the high-quality development of Qihang Tire.

In the process of research and development, the scientific and technological team of Qihang Tire strictly checked the raw materials from the production of agricultural radial tires, all of which met the environmental protection requirements of European and American countries. In addition, the domestic large angle cord cutting machine has been newly introduced. In strict accordance with the requirements of process design, the two-stage building method has been adopted, and the domestic advanced three-dimensional winding machine has been used. The green tire has been successfully processed and built at one time. In the process of curing, in order to achieve synchronous vulcanization of all parts, ensure more stable quality of finished products, use a more reasonable compound heating mode, and finally the first agricultural radial tire is successfully offline!

Agricultural radial tire has good traction performance, high braking efficiency and low fuel consumption, which is suitable for modern mechanical equipment. Agricultural radial tire has become the mainstream product in European and American market. With the increasing popularity of agricultural radial tire, the international competitiveness of traditional bias agricultural tire is weaker and weaker.

The test results of 600 / 65R28 agricultural radial tire of Qihang Tire show that the finished product has longer service life, excellent stability and comfort, better traction performance and high buoyancy performance, which can reduce the damage of tire to soil.

This product will become a new profit growth point of Qihang Tire, and bring huge economic benefits to enterprise management and agricultural production.

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