Innovating in Outbreak, MESNAC Realizing “Remote Equipment Acceptance” for the First Time

18 June 2020 | Source from China Rubber Journal

COVID-19 is raging all over the world. MESNAC does not press the “pause button” on its originally-planned normal technical communication and service work. In order not to delay customers’ going into operation, MESNAC’s engineers put themselves in customers’ shoes and actively implement MR mixed reality technology to help customers accept equipment “across separated place”. Technical staff of customers can realize remote acceptance through the computer without arriving at the scene. This novel equipment acceptance method is the first time in the history of MESNAC, and it is also the best choice in unusual times.

At the beginning of April, customer D’s African factory remotely accepted the large-scale equipment of MESNAC fully automatic weighing system for small chemicals through MR mixed reality technology.

Before remote inspection, MESNAC’s technical team responsible for this project conducted a detailed planning of the entire MR inspection process and listed all possible problems one by one. During the preparation of inspection data, the engineers compiled a photo and video document structure according to the display order of each set and the key points of customer attention, summarized the product details and key components in detail, and faithfully presented them to the customer to make the customer have a certain understanding of the equipment before acceptance. During rehearsal process of MR inspection, the walking path, and the combination of pictures and voice were planned one by one, ensuring the smooth and efficient inspection process. Before the formal inspection, the project team had undergone multiple rounds of testing on the MR device to check out various possible obstacles and problems to ensure that the customer had the best visual experience and perception on the day of acceptance.

In the specific operation process, one MESNAC engineer wore MR glasses, and the customer located on the other side of the ocean can see the real-time panorama of the equipment for small chemicals in the factory on computer through network connection, and fully understood the overall situation of the equipment and relevant details. According to the introduction of the engineer responsible for this inspection, through video dialogue, the customer communicated with the engineer in real time to understand the overall status of the equipment, to display functions, etc. The customer questioned the details and key points of the equipment through voice and editing screens. The MESNAC engineer gave demonstration and answered them professionally. The MR high-definition and all-round video images were transmitted in real time, so that the customer’s technicians were as if they were on the scene, achieving the effect of field investigation.

At the end of March, in the MESNAC Jiaozhou Park, customer P’s European factory also used MR to conduct remote acceptance of equipment. Before the formal acceptance, the project engineer also took videos and photos of the details and key parts of the equipment, and tested in advance. Through the two-day 13-hour video conference, the entire acceptance process was completed, and the customer gave a high evaluation.

It is learnt that MESNAC researches and develops an MR technology platform with independent intellectual property rights, and strives to create a three-dimensional intelligent interactive platform. This platform not only implants voice simultaneous interpretation and semantic conversion functions on the basis of existing technologies, but also can expand more scenarios, for example, it can achieve remote technical communication, remote guidance installation, live-action training, equipment operation and maintenance management, etc.

In fact, remote maintenance and remote service have long been the daily service mode of MESNAC, but it is the first time to realize remote inspection through MR mixed technology. Customers highly praise and approve the work done by MESNAC in this acceptance. In the future, MR technology will be widely used in various scenarios of MESNAC intelligent equipment, and can even be integrated with each equipment to provide customers with more convenient and more efficient technical guidance, service and experience.  

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