With all-steel giant tire 59/80R63 coming off production line, TUTRIC climbs giant tire "peak"

06 July 2020 | Source from China Rubber Journal

On June 30, the first Tianli brand 59/80R63 giant all-steel radial tire independently developed and manufactured by Tianjin International United Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. (short as TUTRIC) was successfully put off the production line. So far, TUTRIC has become one of the few 63-inch giant all-steel tire manufacturers in the world.

The diameter of the all-steel giant tire is 4022 mm, the width is 1470 mm, and its weight is 6.3 tons. It is the largest all-steel giant tire used by the mining dump truck at present with a high technical content. It marks that the R&D and manufacturing capacity of TUTRIC all-steel giant tire has stepped onto a new stage with milestone significance on the basis of domestic leading position.

Based on years of experience in R&D and manufacturing of mining giant dump truck tires, TUTRIC has successfully trial produced 59/80R63 all-steel giant tire with high starting point and high-level product design optimization tools after several years of repeated adjustment by the R&D team. It is understood that TUTRIC is a Sino-foreign joint venture established in 1985, and it is also one of the few specialized and serially designed and manufactured engineering tires and special tires at home and abroad.

In 2011, TUTRIC implemented the relocation project, and in October 2015, the new plant area was completed and put into operation in Tianjin Binhai New Area Port Economic Zone. The company has purchased the most advanced tire manufacturing equipment in the world, with an annual output of 30,000 all-steel engineering radial tires, 60,000 agricultural radial tires, 120,000 high-tech special engineering bias tires, and has stepped into the world's advanced ranks of special tire manufacturing industry.

Since 2015, TUTRIC started from scratch and began to trial produce new all-steel engineering radial tire with no production experience of all-steel tire. After continuous tackling key problems, the medium and small specifications of all-steel engineering radial tire have been fully commercialized and entered the domestic and foreign markets; the giant engineering radial tire has been tested in different mines at home and abroad, and its testing operation is normal up to now. Since 2017, 49-inch and 51-inch all-steel tires have been put on the market in batches, and have been recognized by customers. In the product structure of its annual output of 30,000 all-steel radial tire project, tires with rim diameter over 49-inch account for 75%, it is a high starting point of the product structure.

Over the past 30 years, giant tire has always been the dominant product of TUTRIC. It has become a recognized product with good comprehensive performance, good quality stability, large market coverage and high popularity in the industry and major mines. Tianli brand is also the first well-known trademark in China's engineering tire field.

The successful research and development of 59/80R63 all-steel giant tire makes TUTRIC take the lead in producing all-steel engineering radial tire for mining dump truck in China. TUTRIC will continue to adhere to the product positioning of "professional, fine, new, special and excellent", continue to innovate, and become an expert of off-road tire and special tire with strong independent R&D ability, market development ability and profit-making ability.

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