Shen Jinrong: Do Well Three Things to Provide Solutions for Demands of Automotive Aftermarket

17 August 2020 | Source from China Rubber Journal

In the face of COVID-19, there are three things Zhongce Rubber wants to do most and is doing: the first is to enhance the brand influence, the second is to actively embrace digitalization, and the third is to restart design in “Zhongce Product Year 2020”.

Firstly, enhance the brand influence.

The epidemic is a “touchstone” for enterprises to verify their ability to resist risks, and the brand influence is undoubtedly the “protective clothing” for enterprises to resist risks and recover quickly. After experiencing the huge crisis of COVID-19, those enterprises that have established strong cognition in the minds of customers will become the conditioned reflection of customers’ first needs after the epidemic and in the future.

Secondly, embrace the digitalization.

During the epidemic, it is particularly important to promote the industrial digitalization to enable traditional industries to realize “Internet+”. Zhongce Rubber began to deploy omni-channel digital marketing as early as 2015. At present, passenger car tire has achieved this goal: all orders are all through online transactions, and all promotions are directly to the terminal. Zhongce Rubber will continue to explore digitalization, enhance the channel leading effect, and provide consumers with better services through Internet synergy.

Thirdly, take the lead in proposing “design restart” strategy in tire industry

Zhongce Rubber puts forward the slogan of “Zhongce Product Year 2020”, and takes the lead in proposing “design restart” strategy in tire industry, whose core idea is technological innovation & lead and iterative design.

Focusing on the theme of “Zhongce Product Year 2020”, Zhongce Rubber will gradually and thoroughly upgrade all old products in phases, so that Chinese consumers can buy good domestic tires with high quality and super-high cost performance at reasonable prices. In the first half of the year alone, we have launched commercial vehicle tires in seven major segments with dozens of different functional characteristics, winning high recognition in the market. In the future, R&D personnel will still reserve more new products.

In terms of product management ideas, firstly, we categorize products and reposition according to market and user needs. The launched surpassing series, classic series, extraordinary series, assaulting series, etc. all have their own representative products. Secondly, according to the use and function of products, we subdivide sectors and push new products.

In terms of marketing model, it is now the era of “user sovereignty”. The enterprise’s marketing core in the future is no longer just focusing on channels and terminal marketing, but testing how strong is an enterprise’s ability to do terminal marketing, to connect users and service users, to meet users’ needs, and to create new user experiences.

Zhongce Rubber invested in the construction of “car space” in 2015, extending from offline physical services to online digital platforms. At present, more than 30,000 offline stores have been connected in Zhongce Cloudstore Platform, serving more than 4 million passenger car customers every year, and realizing online transactions of more than 15 million tires throughout the year. From providing single product sales in the past, to now providing payment capability, logistics capability, order acquisition and training capability, etc., it helps partners to enhance their core competitiveness in all aspects. At the same time, focusing on user experience, it has created Zhongce tire insurance, mobile service vehicles, free tire repairs, etc., to do everything possible to improve customer service satisfaction.

In the future, Zhongce Rubber will not only be a professional tire manufacturing company, but also a company that provides solutions to the needs of automotive aftermarket.  

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