Independently Innovative Tire Products of General Tire were Selected as Key Project

17 August 2020 | Source from China Rubber Journal

Lately, “R&D and Application of Prick-resisting and Silent Tires for New Energy Vehicles” and “New Energy-saving and Eco-friendly All-steel Radial Tire” developed by Jiangsu General Science Technology Co., LTD were respectively listed in key catalogue of technical innovation in Jiangsu Province and Wuxi City.

In recent years, along with enhancement of environmental protection consciousness, China’s tire industry overally promotes industrialization process of green tire from the aspects of purchasing of raw materials, process design, product production, standard making, etc. “New Energy-saving and Eco-friendly All-steel Radial Tire” of General Science Technology utilizes three alloying elements in three-phase alloy steel cord clad layer, Cu, Zn and Co, to lower the consumption of Co material and realize energy conservation and emission reduction.

In terms of vehicle performance, the indexes of the tire such as rolling resistance, quietness and road holding respectively affect the fuel consumption, comfort and braking performance of the whole vehicle, “R&D and Ap-plication of Prick-resisting and Silent Tires for New Energy Vehicles” realizes organic unity of three properties. By adding the noise reduction device, this product changes the tire void volume caused during driving process and breaks the cavity noise frequency, thus lowering the noise in the vehicle (the noise is below 70db). Meanwhile, it added special material coating in the inner wall of the tire and rapidly repairs the damage with built-in special coating to ensure the air pressure inside the tire will neither corrode the tire hub nor affect the dynamic balance, thus ensuring the prick-resisting and anti-explosion performance of the tire during driving.

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