Meshing Mixer of Yiyang Rubber and Plastics Machinery Passed CE Certification

17 August 2020 | Source from China Rubber Journal

In Late May, GE5 meshing mixer produced by Yiyang Rubber and Plastics Machinery Group Co., Ltd. smoothly passed CE certification of TÜV Rheinland. Following export of meshing mixers such as GK190E, GE250 and GE420 to Europe, GE5 meshing mixer of Yiyang Rubber and Plastics Machinery was exported to Europe again.

GE5 meshing mixer of Yiyang Rubber and Plastics Machinery is also the mixer of the minimum specification in the series of Model E meshing mixers at present. With the design of meshing-type rotor, it can mix the rubber materials evenly and keep the temperature rise low, thus it is suitable for mixing various rubber materials and plastics with high quality requirements, and it is specially developed for tire and rubber product enterprises and the laboratories in colleges and universities to test rubber mixing formula.

Yiyang Rubber and Plastics Machinery is the earliest factory developing and producing Model E meshing mixer, by product transformation and upgrading, its serialization degree becomes higher and higher. At present, it has provided the users with dozens of models from the smallest specification GE5 meshing mixer to the largest specification GE1000T meshing mixer.

To better satisfy the development of rubber industry, this company actively carried out indepth cooperation with domestic and overseas large tire enterprise and rubber products enterprises to successively develop the products of multiple specifications such as 90E/180T, 135E/260T, 420E/800T and 580E/1000T after successfully developing the first GE320/590T tandem mixer in China, which were favored by domestic and overseas clients. At present, it has cumulatively provided the rubber tire clients with over 40 tandem mixer rubber mixing equipment.

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