The Project with an Annual Capacity of 200000 Tire Bladders of Hefei GuoRui Rubber Passed Acceptance

17 August 2020 | Source from China Rubber Journal

The First Phase of the Project with an Annual Capacity of 200000 Tire Bladders invested and built by Hefei GuoRui Rubber Products Co., Ltd. passed environmental protection acceptance recently.

The planned investment of this project is 56.20 Million Yuan, the actual total investment of the project accepted this time is 35 Million Yuan, one tire bladder production line and supporting pollution prevention and treatment facilities have been built and at present, the annual capacity of 88500 tire bladders has reached, including 61500 tire bladders for motor and 27000 tire bladders for passenger cars. According to the production design scheme, Hefei GuoRui will also build the project with an annual capacity of 51300 automobile tire bladders and 5200 engineering tire bladders.

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