Two world standard carbon black projects passed evaluation

13 October 2020 | Source from China Rubber Journal

On July 19, two new achievements of Dongying Best Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. passed the evaluation hosted by the Institute of Electronic Science and Technology Information of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in Beijing, China.

The "production method of Ultra-fine particle size BDX101 carbon black for tire tread project" achieved producing ultra-fine particles with an aggregate size less than 10nm by changing the inner wall material of the reactor, and designing the raw oil nozzle tip. The product can be applied to the tread of F1 tires and other high-performance tires, with a super performance of grip, abrasion resistance, and wet resistance.

The "Ultra-low Polycyclic Aromatic Carbon Black Industrialization Project" achieved reducing the content of polycyclic aromatic by designing a unique carbon black reactor and a carbon black post-processing device. The index is far below the European Union and German standards.

The evaluation committee believes that the project has reached the advanced international level. 

The two projects were enrolled in the national online registration system for scientific and technological achievements.

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