CRIA Organized Discussion of “the 14th Five-Year” Plan (First Draft)

14 October 2020 | Source from China Rubber Journal

On August 21, CRIA held the Thematic Seminar of Guidance Outline (First Draft) of “the 14th Five-year” Development Plan of Rubber Industry in the form of online video.

The chairman Deng Yali gave a speech, the deputy chairman and secretary general Xu Wenying made a summary, secretaries general of 15 branches (specialized committees) and relevant members of editorial board of each specific industry attended the meeting.

The chairman Deng Yali affirmed the work of each branch and editorial board during the special epidemic period, and proposed specific requirements for the subsequent making work of “the 14th Five-year” Plan. It included that the making guidance of guidance outline should combine current economic situation, center on the policies on national environmental protection, etc., define the development target of green transformation and propose the development target, working idea and key tasks of “the 14th Five-year” Plan period in a forward-looking and targeted way to make it an important reference historical data demanded and expected by the industry and the enterprises.

Since the compiling task was assigned, each branch (specialized committee) organized strong array of experts and editorial board members, gathered and mobilized external mind and brain power, planned carefully, defined the responsibilities and had indepth survey to form guidance outline (first draft).

On the seminar, each specific industry retrospected the current developments status of this industry during the period of “the 13th Five-year” Plan, summarized the achievements made and existing problems and reported the content of “the 14th Five-year” Plan (First Draft) in details.

The first draft insisted on the theme of high-quality development and adhered to problem orientation and target orientation, found and screened the hot issues and difficulties of industrial development during the period of “the 14th Five-year” Plan and sought to do with purpose and solve with emphasis through the self efforts of the industry under the support and help of the national policies.

Xu Wenying summarized the seminar. She thanked the experts and editorial board members for their hard work to make the first draft of the plan with high standard and high quality. She requested each branch to continue enhancing survey, widely seek for the opinions of the industry and the enterprises, make integration and innovation and perfect the details to make the guidance outline of “the 14th Five-year” Development Plan lead the rubber industry to continue high-quality development. According to the time node arrangement, each branch (specialized committee) shall submit the final draft of the plan outline before the end of September.  

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