Zhongce Rubber (Jiande) Company Newly Adds a Cushion Belt Project

14 December 2020 | Source from China Rubber Journal

Zhongce Rubber (Jiande) Co., Ltd. implemented the project of adding 25,000 cushion belts per day (8.25 million per year) in the Chunqiu Plant and was accepted by the local environmental protection department.

Inner tubes and cushion belt products of Hangzhou Chaoyang Industrial Co., Ltd. are included in the relocation plan. Zhongce Rubber (Anji) Company and Zhongce Rubber (Jiande) Company’s Chunqiu Plant respectively under-take the two products.

During the relocation of the project, Zhongce (Jiande) will optimize the backward production technology and mode, increase automatic weighing and automatic picking, and replace the existing hydraulic vulcanizing machine with more efficient and stable equipment, to realize down-sizing staffs and improving efficiency.

The designed annual production capacity of Chaoyang Industrial Company’s tire inner tubes and cushion belts is 6 million and 15 million units, respectively. The actual output in 2019 is 5.11 million and 10.04 million units, seperately.

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