CRIA Green Tire Safety Week was Broadcast through Live Stream on Douyin and Made a Stir

20 December 2020 | Source from China Rubber Journal

From 7 pm to 9 pm on October 18, the large-scale public welfare activity of the “6th China Green Tire Safety Week” organized by CRIA was successfully held on the Douyin platform through live stream.

Focusing on the theme of “green and safe travel”, CRIA invited Sister Meili, the goddess in the automobile circle with millions of fans, and Pei Yufei of CRIA to act as the streamers, and cooperated with 8 well-known domestic and foreign tire enterprises to jointly disseminate, popularize and promote relevant knowledge on tire labels and tire purchases, maintenance, and safe use, and provide the consumers with preferential benefits for buying tires. At the same time, up to 27 rounds of lucky draw gifts were sent to the lucky ones who interacted on-site!

As an attempt to move online due to the impact of the epidemic, the activity of this Safety Week remained unabated and caused a sensation. As introduced by the organizer, during the 2-hour live stream, there were 260,000 online audiences. And the instantaneous peak is 11,000 person-time.

Through this activity, the Douyin account of CRIA has added 3330 fans. The short videos of tire label have been played for 84,000 times. In the created discussion topic “#Do you know about tires?”, the videos of all online celebrities have been played for 1.614 million times.

“The King of Chinese Cars” Lu Ningjun landed from the air to the live stream room from the site of Hubei compe-tition. As the first generation of professional racer in China, he cheered up for Chaoyang Tire with personal experience of years of cooperation.

With the help of the live stream platform, Triangle Winter Tire's high-speed rail special line advertisement was officially released on the Harbin-Dalian Railway, Beijing-Zhangjiakou Railway, and Lanzhou-Xinjiang Railway, “travel without worry on ice and snow”!

Shi Lingyun, key account manager of passenger car radial tires of ZC Rubber, recommended the excellent performance of Chaoyang SU318 urban SUV tires, and introduced the triple guarantees provided by ZC Rubber for consumers - “ZC Tire Insurance”, bulge compensation and one-time free tire repair and 5-year warranty.

Yang Baozhong, director of Semi-steel Tire Design Department of Linglong Tire Research Institute, introduced the knowledge on tire pressure detection and other aspects, particularly, the formula and structural design of Linglong run-flat tire AR200, to ensure the tires’ function of running under zero pressure and prevent serious traffic  accidents.

Yuan Zhijun, senior engineer of Product Department of Prinx Chengshan Market Development Center, emphatically introduced the urban high-performance SUV tire HT1, which had become the first choice for family vehicles with its comprehensive performance; and the new high-mileage tire CFH123 released in 2019, whose road test reached more than 700,000 km.

When the temperature was lower than 7°C, the rubber would become hard and brittle in a low temperature environment, which would sharply reduce the tire's grip and handling performance, at this time, the winter tires would come in handy. Liu Peng, design manager of passenger car radial tire of Triangle Tire, appeared to popularize the special requirements of winter driving for tires and the characteristics of “Triangle SNOWLINK PL01” winter tires.

Zhang Ruihai, director of Planning and Promotion Department of Doublestar Tire, emphatically introduced the core competitiveness of the “tire network” million km tire. Through the “tire network” “tire rental instead of sale” business mode + “tire retreading” recycling, Doublestar Tire could realize a mileage of 1 million kilometers in the entire service life cycle of one tire, it was predicted that in the future, the smart management mode for the full life cycle of the high-mileage and retreadable tires charged by miles is bound to become the development trend of tire application scenarization.

Wang Yong, manager of TBR Key Account Department of Domestic Sales Department of Guizhou Tire, talked about how to choose tires in a way that saves worry and money via video connection. At the same time, he emphatically recommended high-end LET series products with low rolling resistance of Guizhou tires: long service life (over 400,000 km), high wear resistance (use cost of single tire: 0.38 Yuan/100km), low rolling resistance (grade B), super fuel-efficient (saving the oil by about 5%) and unique pattern groove design, which ensured safe driving and guarantee attendance rate. The smart tire system could understand tire driving conditions in real time, realize full-life-cycle management of the tire, and nip safety accidents in the bud.

Zhai Jiuling from Bridgestone Commodity Service Division introduced the precautions for driving in rainy days, when the braking distance was 3 times that of normal conditions, so the wet road braking performance was extremely important in such use scenario. He emphatically introduced the T005 pattern of TURANZA, which featured wet road safety performance and had excellent comfort and quietness.

Sentury Tire popularized the general requirements for the time and driving distance for the family car owners to replace tires, as well as the special circumstances where the tire must be replaced. She emphatically introduced Qirin 990, an all-round product that integrates sports control, green safety, comfort and quietness. The product took aviation tire technology as the core. The overall tread is composed of functional elastomers and nano-scale silicon fillers to improve handling performance and grip, reduce rolling resistance, save fuel and realize environmental protection.

This activity was a large-scale public welfare activity of the sixth consecutive year after the “6•15 China Green Tire Safety Week” launched by CRIA in 2015.
Since the beginning of “China Green Tire Safety Week” activity, CRIA has been committed to popularizing green tire and tire safety knowledge in the whole society, improving the safety awareness of the majority of car owners in using tires, reducing the incidence of accidents, and advocating auto manufacturers to support and the consumers to use green tires at the consumption level, to promote the society to be green, eco-friendly, save energy and reduce emission, and promote green transformation of the lifestyles, thereby promoting the development of green tires in China. 

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