Rubber Chemicals Industry Pictures the “14th Five-Year Plan” Blueprint

28 December 2020 | Source from China Rubber Journal

During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, the rubber chemicals industry shall persist in innovation-driven; develop a green chemical industry centering on environmental protection, safety, and energy conservation; make breakthroughs in key technologies to achieve green, intelligent, microchemical, and high-quality development; and lead the world rubber chemicals industry to move forward. This is the development strategy of the rubber chemicals industry for the “14th Five-Year Plan” revealed at the 2020 Annual Member Meeting of CRIA Rubber Chemicals Specialized Committee & the 20th National Rubber New Materials Technology Forum held recently.

At the Meeting, it was also put forward the main development goals of the “14th Five-Year Plan” for rubber chemicals industry, that is: in 2025, the total domestic rubber chemicals output will be greater than or equal to 1.71 million tons, with a compound annual growth rate of 5.5%; the total sales revenue of the industry will be greater than or equal to RMB 28 Billion Yuan, with the sales volume of leading enterprises in the industry having a compound an-nual growth of more than 4%, and the sales volume of the entire industry having a compound annual growth of about 1.5%; the annual turnover per capita will be greater than or equal to RMB 1.8 Million Yuan, with the annual turnover per capita of top ten enterprises in the industry greater than or equal to RMB 2 Million Yuan; and the industry concentration ratio will be further increased, with the sales revenue of top ten enterprises accounting for more than 75% of the whole industry, including two or more enterprises with a sales revenue of more than RMB 3 Billion Yuan, and four or more enterprises with a sales revenue of more than RMB 1 Billion to 2 Billion Yuan.

A development goal was also put forward for the rubber chemicals industry in the “14th Five-Year” towards high-tech content, independent innovation and characteristic product. In terms of technology, it is necessary to continue to reinforce the promotion of microreaction technology industrialization in order to achieve the continuity and optimization of production through relying on advanced continuous flow production equipment to develop new processes, reducing production unit consumption, and reducing “three wastes” emissions; and on the basis of continuous production, intelligent production management is gradually realized. In terms of products, IS/HS products must fully catch up with the international advanced level; the application of advanced accelerator production technologies such as automation, miniaturization, and digitalization, shall be promoted, and especially the cleaner production process technology of accelerator MBT shall be comprehensively promoted; the research, development and green alternative of special functional chemicals shall be promoted, such as the development and application of low-zinc activators and environmentally friendly aromatic oils, and the alternatives of resorcinol, formaldehyde compounds, morpholine-type sulfur donor DTDM, part of thiuram accelerators, dithiocar-bamate, pentachlorothio-phenol, etc.

Greening products, greening processes, and reducing water consumption and energy consumption to fully realize greening are also important goals for the rubber chemicals industry in the “14th Five-Year”. It mainly includes: in 2025, the greening rate of rubber chemicals products will increase to over 97%; the greening rate of rubber chemicals processes will reach at least 85%, especially that of rubber accelerators; the utilization rate of water resources will be further increased, the production of wastewater by per ton of product shall be less than 2 tons, which reduces or even eliminates the production of wastewater from the process, and the coverage rate of anhydrous solvent method for MBT(M) processing and oxygen oxidation method for TBBS(NS) processing shall be greater than or equal to 98%; and new advanced energy-saving technologies, new processes, and new equipment shall be adopted to make the energy consumption by per ton of product reduced by 25%, the industry’s average energy consumption less than or equal to 0.5 tons of standard coal per ton of product, and the average product yield greater than or equal to 95%.

In addition, the rubber chemicals industry also proposes that during the “14th Five-Year” period, it should strengthen industry self-discipline, expand the scope of product quality credit, and cultivate brands and famous-brand products. 

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