Guan Bingzheng Becomes MESNAC CEO

06 April 2021 | Source from Tyre Trends

MESNAC appointed Guan Bingzheng as Chairman & CEO of the company.

Bingzheng has been with the company since its establishment. The company said that Bingzheng has been dedicated and consistent in serving the rubber industry for 20 years.

He has successively served as the General Manager of the Dosing System Division, Sales Director and Vice President, and now he is the Chairman & CEO of the Company. He has been engaged in the research of the rubber equipment industry for a long time and actively promotes the technological innovation and industrialization of the industry.  57 core patents have been applied.

 The company has also appointed Wang Zhiming as Vice President.

Wang Zhiming

Wang Zhiming joined MESNAC from the year of 2004. He has successively served as the head of the Dosing System Division and the General Manager of AI Region of Sales & Marketing Centre.

In the new role, he is responsible for overseas market development, strategic customer maintenance, key product marketing, overseas market team training. "He has extensive experience in rubber technology and marketing,” according to MESNAC.

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