Xu Wenying takes over Deng Yali as president of CRIA

04 June 2021 | Source from China Rubber Web

Yang Honghui

On April 21st, at the 10th Member Representative Conference and the 10th Council Enlarged Meeting held by the China Rubber Industry Association in Qingdao, a new (10th) CRIA leaders came into being.


Xu Wenying succeeded the 9th President Deng Yali and was elected as the President of China Rubber Industry Association; Lei Changchun was elected as the Vice President and Secretary-General; Deng Yali was elected as the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and was elected as the Honorary President of the CRIA; The old leaders of the association Ju Hongzhen and Fan Rende were elected as senior consultants of CRIA.

In the first year of China’s "14th Five-Year Plan", China Rubber Industry Association has successfully completed the handover at the key node of China’s rubber industry moving towards a world power. The 9th Council handed over the “Rubber Power Relay Baton” to the 10th Council.


Shen Jinrong, Chairman of Zhongce Rubber Group, Yuan Zhongxue, Chairman of Sailun Group, Wang Feng, Chairman of Fengshen Tire, Chai Yongsen, Chairman of Double Star Group, and Wang Feng, Chairman of Linglong Tire, were elected as senior vice president of the association.

Chai Yongsen, Chairman of Double Star Group, Wang Feng, Chairman of Linglong Tire, Zhang Wanyou, Chairman of Double Coin Tire, Ding Mu, Chairman of Triangle Tire, Wang Jianye, Rotating President of Sailun Co., Ltd., Zhao Chun, Chairman of Sichuan Yuanxing, Shen Gengliang, Chairman of Double Arrow Co., Ltd., Bao Zhifang, Chairman of Wuxi Boton Technology, Wang Yonggang, Chairman of Shandong Meichen Industrial Group, Yang Jun, Chairman of Zhuzhou Times New Material, Xiong Mingjun, Executive Director of Jihua 3537, Tao Ran, General Manager of Guilin Zizhu, and Shen Jinliang, Chairman of Suzhou Baohua Liang, Wei Ming, General Manager of Jiangxi Black Cat, Ni Xuewen, Chairman of Nantong Huili, Zheng Xuxu, President of Greatoo Intelligent Equipment, Shan Jiqiang, General Manager of Shandong Haomai Machinery, Wang Zhiqiang, General Manager of Willing Co., Ltd., Liu Xiang, General Manager of Jiangsu Xingda Steel Cord, Zhu Renen, Chairman of Yunnan Jili Industry and Trade, Shi Yongwan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of China Automobile Center Testing and Certification Division, totally 21 key rubber enterprise leaders were elected as Vice Presidents of CRIA.

426 key business leaders formed the 10th Council of China Rubber Industry Association, of which 51 leaders of key enterprises are standing directors. These enterprises have extensively covered various fields, various types and ownership units in the rubber industry. They are the backbone enterprises in this field and have high prestige and influence in this field. The composition of the tenth council not only embodies the broad representativeness, but also reflects the spirit of entrepreneurs to run the meeting, which is conducive to mobilizing enthusiasm and strengthening the cohesion of the association. It is a powerful leadership group with a broad representation.

The meeting elected 96 chairmen of the 10th Presidium of CRIA, including leaders of the association, heads of relevant scientific research institutions and industry experts, and heads of major enterprises.

At the meeting, Deng Yali, President of the 9th CRIA, made a report on the "Work Report of the 9th Council and Key Work Recommendations for 2021", and summarized the work during the tenure of the 9th Council. She said that the four years of the 9th Council were basically the same period as the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, which was an extraordinary four years in the development of the industry. In the past four years, the global economic development environment has been complex and changeable, the world economic growth has continued to slow down, and unilateralism and protectionism have prevailed; our country’s economic development has entered a new normal, the "three-phase superposition" impact has deepened, the downward pressure on the economy has increased, and the COVID-19 has made a surprise attack. This is 4 years in which the industry has withstood unprecedented tests and faced challenges that are rare in the world.

Deng Yali said that in the past four years, the 9th Council has united and guided the entire industry to correctly analyze and research the situation, tasks, difficulties, challenges, and development opportunities facing the industry. According to the deployment requirements of the "Rubber Industry Power Strategy of China" and the "13th Five-Year Plan" Industry Development Outline, the 9th Council has successfully completed the goals and tasks set by themselves by means of taking opportunities, facing challenges, overcoming difficulties, transforming and upgrading, and forging ahead. The industry has made historic achievements and major changes, and the comprehensive competitiveness of the industry has reached a new level, laying a solid foundation for the high-quality development of the "14th Five-Year Plan".

Xu Wenying, president of the 10th CRIA, made a report on "Concentrate our efforts, forge ahead, and strive to realize China's rubber industry power", and reported on the work to be carried out by the 10th council. She said that the new council is in the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", and China's rubber industry has also ushered in an era of high-quality development. We are determined to shoulder the mission and responsibility given to us by history on the basis of the continuous strength of our motherland, actively explore and innovate, change thoughts and concepts, and unite and forge ahead to achieve the goal of a strong country in the rubber industry. Xu Wenying expounded the goal of a strong rubber industry from 10 aspects, and put forward the key tasks of the new council from 12 aspects.

Xu Wenying said that since its establishment in 1985, China Rubber Industry Association has accumulated and formed a series of fine traditions and valuable experience. On these foundations, we will continue to implement the spirit of the state and relevant departments on the construction of associations, comply with the requirements of democratic management, code of conduct, and self-discipline development, comply with national laws and regulations, continuously improve the work system, strengthen the construction of the talent team, and improve the service ability of the association, improve work quality and efficiency, further give full play to the association’s bridging and supporting role among industries, enterprises and the government, and strive to build a promising China Rubber Industry Association.

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