Sailun Weifang factory officially put into production

06 July 2021 | Source from China Rubber Web

Recently, the project of Sailun Weifang Tire Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 6 million sets of high-performance semi-steel radial tires and 1.5 million sets of high-performance all-steel radial truck tires was officially put into production in Weifang City, marking that the bankruptcy reorganization of Weifang Anchi Tire by Sailun Group has entered a new stage.

In 2020, Sailun Group participated in the bankruptcy and reorganization of Weifang Anchi Tire and won the bid to become an investor in the reorganization. Relying on the industrial chain collaborative innovation advantages of the National Rubber and Tire Engineering Technology Research Center, Sailun Group has adopted internationally advanced tire manufacturing technology and information technology to upgrade and transform Anchi Tire’s old equipment and production lines, creating a new digital, intelligent modern factory.  It took only six months for Sailun Weifang factory to start up and put into production, creating a new speed of the industry. According to Sailun group, the production of its Weifang plant will better meet the fast-growing capacity demand of Sailun Group, which is of great significance for ensuring market supply and meeting user demand.

Since 2020, Sailun Group’s capacity expansion layout has accelerated. In November 2020, the annual production of 3.3 million sets of all-steel tires at Sailun Shenyang Plant was officially put into production. In March of this year, Sailun Group announced that it plans to invest in a project with an annual output of 5 million semi-steel radial tires in Cambodia. This is the second overseas production base opened by Sailun Group after Vietnam. In June, Sailun Group announced that it would increase the annual production capacity of semi-steel radial tires for the Cambodia project from 5 million to 9 million.

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