GRM produces new hydraulic double-mold engineering tire curing presses in batch

30 July 2021 | Source from China Rubber Web

Recently, the 88 "hydraulic double-mold engineering tire curing press newly developed by Guilin Rubber Machinery (GRM) has been purchased in batches by customers. This is another successful case of large-scale and market-oriented application of GRM hydraulic double-mold engineering tire vulcanization solution. In recent years, GRM has successfully developed and popularized the application of multi-specification hydraulic double-mold engineering tire curing press, which provides more differentiated choices for the personalized needs of tire manufacturers, and gradually forms a series of products. Coupled with their good one-stop service solution, GRM is being recognized by more and more users.

88" hydraulic double-mold engineering tire press is suitable for curing 22.5" - 42 "engineering tires, agricultural tires and bias tires. It can be directly connected to the automatic logistics system. It has the characteristics of high site utilization, automation rate and operation efficiency, significant energy saving and low maintenance cost.

Compared with the traditional mechanical vulcanizer, the 88 "hydraulic double-mold engineering tire press reduces the equipment area by 40% under the condition of the same number of molds, and the customer's investment cost is low. The newly developed rapid mold change device reduces the manual operation time of changing mold from 4 hours to 1 hour, and the labor cost is low. The mold adjustment is upgraded to an automatic and fast stepless way. The central mechanism and its sealing form are optimized, the equipment foundation is simplified, and the service life of the sealing ring of the central mechanism is increased from 1 year to more than 3 years. The steam pipeline adopts the form of integrated valve group, which saves more than 10% energy than the traditional steam pipeline. The upper vulcanization chamber can only rise and fall not move horizontally, with high centering accuracy and shortened auxiliary time.

Relying on the platform of national recognized enterprise technology center, GRM is accelerating new product R & D and product upgrading. In order to meet the needs of the tire industry, GRM successfully developed the first new double-mold hydraulic 77" engineering tire press in 2020, which passed the customer's acceptance at one time. At present, it is well used in the customer's special tire production line. The novel structure, good performance and use experience have triggered a topic in the tire industry. GRM is chasing after victory. In December 2020, its independently developed new 75" frame-type double-mold hydraulic curing press has successfully rolled off the production line. This model has achieved a reduction in non-vulcanization time by more than 50%. It is suitable for vulcanizing small and medium-sized engineering radial tires. It is energy-saving and efficient, occupies a small area, and has high precision. It has become another new economic growth point for Guilin Rubber Machinery.

It is reported that GRM is developing more new-generation automated and intelligent tire manufacturing equipment.

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