Raising 1.8 billion yuan, Guizhou Tire focuses on smart manufacturing

04 August 2021 | Source from China Rubber Web

On July 31, Guizhou Tire Co., Ltd. announced that it plans to publicly issue convertible bonds to raise funds of no more than 1.8 billion yuan, and invest in the project of "Intelligent Manufacturing of High-Performance All-steel Radial Tires with an Annual Output of 3 Million" and "1# Smart" Sorting and transfer center" project.

China Rubber Web learned that the two fund-raising projects are centered on "intelligent manufacturing" and develop around the company's superior main business.

The "Intelligent Manufacturing of 3 Million Sets of High-Performance All-steel Radial Tires per Year" project focuses on the production of all steel radial tires. It will build an intelligent production line based on the industrial Internet of things through the construction of intelligent production equipment, intelligent detection equipment and intelligent logistics equipment and the deep integration of big data, 5G connection and industrial manufacturing.

After the project is put into production, it is expected to generate annual sales income of 2.966 billion yuan, and the pre-tax internal rate of return is 15.42%.

The "1# Intelligent Sorting and Transfer Center" project mainly builds a three-dimensional intelligent finished product warehouse, purchase intelligent storage equipment, expand the storage capacity of all steel radial tires, realize three-dimensional storage, automatic sorting and flexible dispatching, and improve the level of Intelligent Manufacturing in many aspects.

After the implementation of the project, it will realize the automatic sorting and warehousing of approximately 16,000 finished tires per day and the outgoing of approximately 25,000 finished tires per day, with a reserve of 290,000 finished tires.

Previously, taking advantage of the favorable opportunity of relocation, Guizhou tire completed Zhazuo phase I and phase II projects, and is building Zhazuo phase III project.

At present, the planning of the production plant area is scientific, and the layout of production links is reasonable. The information system is implemented in the whole process of planning, scheduling, feeding, and manufacturing execution. It uses multiple intelligent equipment such as multi-axis robots, AGV shuttle robots, and 5G private network technology. The fully connected factory realizes an intelligent and digital agile production line based on big data.

After the implementation of the fund-raising project, it will be equipped with the entire factory area. It is an effective supplement to the intelligent manufacturing system of Guizhou Tire. It is helpful to realize the strategic planning of intelligent transformation and comprehensively improve the production capacity and management level.

In addition, Guizhou Tire also issued an announcement that it intends to use self-raised funds of RMB 1.175 billion to invest in the construction of a project with an annual output of 950,000 high-performance all-steel radial tires in Vietnam to further enhance its competitiveness in the global tire market. The project is located in Longjiang Industrial Park, Sin Phuoc County, Tien Giang Province, Vietnam, with a construction period of 12 months. It is estimated that the annual average income will be 1.225 billion yuan and the average annual after-tax profit will be 178 million yuan. 

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