A New Type of Curing Press Joins SinoArp Family for the successful production of 88 inch hydraulic tire curing press

11 August 2021 | Source from China Rubber Web

The first 88 inch hydraulic tire curing press, based on SinoArp’s independent research and development, has recently joined the company’s press family, and become an economic engine as customers have placed a batch of orders. With its rich experience of press design over many years and core technology of independent innovation, SinoArp has provided unique designs and one-stop after-sales services for customers and are increasingly winning customers’ hearts both at home and abroad. 

This press is applicable to cure presses OTRs from 18 inch to 28 inch and TBR tires. It is a compact type that can produce tires automatically with two molds working synchronously, highly accurate and efficient.

The machine is endowed with a raft of advantages. First, for mold changing, it adopts newly-developed device that can change molds more quickly with fewer staff, thus enhancing the efficiency of the whole workshop. Second, its innovative mold open/close guide system, designed independently, does not bear mold-locking forces, which ensures no deformation for the whole lifespan. Third, the equipment is designed with two molds that enable mold open/close movement within 50s, thus reducing the cycle time by 50%. Fourth, several tie rods are distributed evenly around molds for uniform mold-locking forces and the fixed bottom mold ensures high-quality tires. Fifth, the automatic mold-adjustment paves way to less labor cost and higher efficiency.

As a designated research center and a postdoctoral center designated by Jiangsu Province, SinoArp continues to develop new products and technologies, with 6% of sales revenues put into this field. In 2019, Sino Arp’s 4th-gerenartion press has won reputation among the top 10 global customers for its compact structure, high precision and energy-efficient performance. In 2020, SinoArp developed 130 inch dome-type sliding press, which is currently exported to Japan and operates well. In 2021, intelligent visual inspection and software monitoring systems are in full swing. Never stopping the pace for scientific and technological innovation and always aimed at further destination, SinoArp is committed to lending a permanent impetus to the curing press industry.

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