RMB711m, carbon black manufacturer plans to increase capacity by 80k tons

07 September 2021 | Source from China Rubber Web

Not long ago, the "Coal-based New Material Project" of Shanxi Sanqiang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. passed the technical review meeting hosted by the Shanxi Provincial Ecological Environmental Protection Service Center.

In order to strengthen the deep processing of tar, extract high value-added products, and increase the value of by-products, Sanqiang New Energy will invest 711 million yuan (including environmental protection investment of 61.87 million yuan) to build new coal tar extension industrial projects, forming vertical and horizontal connections, and realize a deeper and more comprehensive sustainable circular economy industry chain.

The project covers a total area of ​​approximately 45,100 square meters and will be constructed in two phases. In the first phase, a high-end carbon black production line of 2 × 30,000 tons/year will be constructed and related equipment, facilities and exhaust gas comprehensive utilization devices will be installed; a 20,000 tons/year crude phenol refining device will be installed; a 20,000 t/a special carbon black production line and a 50,000 t/a phthalic anhydride plant will be built in phase II.

At present, Sanqiang New Energy has built 300,000 tons of tar processing equipment to provide reliable and sufficient raw materials for the construction of wet-process carbon black projects, phenol refining projects, and phthalic anhydride projects; 7 sets of new wet-process carbon black production equipment with a production capacity of 250,000 tons; 24 MW carbon black tail gas generator set, supporting desulfurization and denitrification devices, forming a unique energy-saving and consumption-reducing circular economy system.

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