GRM Guide-Pillar Curing Press Becomes "New Favorite" in Market

17 September 2021 | Source from China Rubber Web

Recently, Guilin Rubber Machinery has added a new member to its guide pillar curing press series. The new 65" (1600) all-steel double-guide-pillar hydraulic curing press has been successfully rolled off the production line. It will serve domestic customers with an annual output of 1.6 million TBR production lines. In just over one year, In just over a year, GRM guide pillar vulcanizer series products have been formed from birth to diversified technical storage, and all scientific research achievements have been industrialized, becoming a" new favorite "in the market.

As a new generation product in response to market demand, the 65" (1600) all-steel radial tire guide pillar hydraulic vulcanizer continues the characteristics of the Guilin Rubber Machinery guide pillar vulcanizer series: good rigidity, high guiding accuracy, and high repeat centering accuracy. The upper and lower mold forces are more balanced and reasonable, and the tire uniformity dynamic balance performance effect is improved; it can realize the automatic, digital, and intelligent large-scale mold adjustment function, adapt to a wide range of molds, and shorten the mold alternate time by nearly 30%, improving work efficiency; equipment maintenance space is large and easy to maintain.

Guilin Rubber Machinery has nearly 40 years of experience in the research and development and production of tire vulcanizers. Now it has formed three series of mechanical, hydraulic, and mechanical-hydraulic hybrid types with hundreds of specifications. In the past two years, as a category of hydraulic curing press, the guide pillar curing press has further enriched the "differentiated" product matrix of Guilin Rubber Machinery. In May 2020, Guilin Rubber Machinery independently developed the first 77" (1950) new type dual-mode guide pillar hydraulic curing press for engineering tires and delivered it. It is currently used in high-end tire production projects. According to customer feedback, the quality of the tires produced is stable. The 48" (1240) guide pillar hydraulic vulcanizer delivered in April 2021 is used to vulcanize 12"~18" high-performance semi-steel radial tires. The infrastructure cost is low, and the tires produced have excellent dynamic balance uniformity after testing.

In the process of pursuing continuous product upgrades, Guilin Rubber Machinery is equipped with "high-performance products + nanny service" to provide customers with fast, professional, and "one-to-one" customized services, and strive to create smart tire manufacturing solutions with customers.

"Market-oriented, science-oriented, innovation-driven, and providing customers with sustainable value is the goal that Guilin Rubber Machinery pursues." said Zhang Hongbo, Secretary of the Party Committee, Executive Director and General Manager of Guilin Rubber Machinery.

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