Wang Zhiqiang: New product of Willing partially replace insoluble sulfur

28 October 2021 | Source from China Rubber Web

At the 20th Anniversary Celebration Meeting of the Rubber Chemicals Professional Committee of China Rubber Industry Association and the 21st National Rubber New Material Technology Forum held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang on October 26, the Chairman of the Rubber Chemicals Professional Committee of CRIA and the general manager of Willing New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Mr. Wang Zhiqiang solemnly announced: Willing has launched a new multifunctional vulcanizing agent "Sulfenamide Polysulfide WL207", which can partially replace the vulcanizing agent and rubber accelerator in the sulfur vulcanization system. It is applied to the tread compound matching of radial tire with natural rubber (NR) and solution polymerized styrene butadiene rubber (SSBR).

When introducing the new product, Wang Zhiqiang analyzed the structural characteristics of "Sulfenamide Polysulfide WL207", compared the differences between this product and traditional coordination in vulcanization process, physical and mechanical properties, dynamic mechanical properties and dispersion, and studied the influence of its dosage change on tire performance.

The research results of Willing show that the structural characteristics of multifunctional groups endow WL207 with both cross-linking and promoting effects. Compared with the common sulfur vulcanization system used in radial tire tread rubber, the vulcanization speed and degree of vulcanization are equivalent, and it has the effect of anti-reversion. The vulcanizate has similar strength, low hardness, good elasticity, and wear resistance; it balances wet skid resistance and mechanical loss to achieve complete compatibility and co-vulcanization of NR/SSBR; good miscibility with rubber, no frosting, and easy dispersion. By adjusting the dosage of WL207, the vulcanization speed, vulcanization degree, and physical and mechanical properties will change accordingly, which can meet the different requirements of radial tires for wear resistance, wet skid, and heat build-up.

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