Largest capacity rubber mixer, delivery to Pingdu mixing center!

26 November 2021 | Source from China Rubber Web

Recently, the first domestic 650L maximum internal mixing production line independently developed by Dalian Rubber and Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. with complete intellectual property rights went offline and successively delivered to the "shared factory" of rubber green internal mixing located in Pingdu, Qingdao.

The production line has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency and high degree of automation. It can meet the green upgrading needs of the tire industry and has great market potential.

From the perspective of comprehensive efficiency, the production line consists of 650L tangent internal mixer and supporting equipment Φ The 486 twin-screw extruder consists of a tablet press with a production capacity higher than the sum of a 370L and a 270L internal mixing line. It has high mixing efficiency, good uniformity, greatly reduces energy consumption and pollutant emission per unit output, and can effectively save costs for users in plant construction, logistics turnover, labor, depreciation, etc.

A large number of new technologies are adopted in the production line, and the problem of force loosening of the lower top bolt mechanism of the traditional internal mixing unit is solved through the study of the stress closed force system. The developed new rubber baffle channel of extrusion device can effectively ensure smooth material flow, smooth sheet without flash.

As the core equipment, 650L internal mixing production line will be the first to settle in the owner's factory and put into installation and use, which will strongly promote customers to improve production capacity, energy conservation and emission reduction and safe production.

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