500,000 km, "Rare Earth Gold" tires pass the appraisal!

08 December 2021 | Source from China Rubber Web

On December 4, Doublestar "rare earth gold" tire successfully passed the appraisal of the authoritative expert group and is expected to be put on the market in large quantities in the near future.

The "rare earth gold" tire developed by using the "rare earth gold" rubber composite new material is the latest scientific and technological achievement created by the new Doublestar. Under the background of realizing the "double carbon" strategic goal, it has contributed the Doublestar wisdom to the global users and society.

As identified by the expert group, "rare earth gold" rubber composite is made of special rare earth neodymium CIS polybutadiene rubber + natural rubber + high-performance carbon black and processed by special mixing process. It has mature technology and excellent performance, and can be popularized in batch. "Rare earth gold" tire is designed and produced by using "rare earth gold" rubber composite material + FZW (full zero winding technology) + unique pattern. "Rare earth gold" tire has the distinctive characteristics of super fuel saving and super wear resistance. The rolling resistance can reach 3.8 ~ 4.5, and the driving mileage can reach 500,000 km (1 million km after two renovations), which is an international leading level.

Graphene Tire Laboratory grinding a sword in 5 years

In March 2016, the first graphene tire central laboratory project in China was started in Doublestar. In April 2018, the project was listed as a key project by Shandong Province. At the end of 2018, the Doublestar "graphene" tire was successfully developed, but there was no large-scale market promotion due to the high cost.

After that, according to the characteristics of rare earth neodymium based cis-1,4-polybutadiene rubber, Doublestar cooperated with technical experts from Europe, the United States and South Korea to further study and develop the formula of rare earth neodymium based cis-1,4-polybutadiene rubber + natural rubber + high-performance carbon black, and made full use of the manufacturing advantages of Doublestar "industry 4.0" factory to develop a new "rare earth gold" rubber composite.

At the same time, Doublestar fully combined with the special needs of the Chinese market and adopted "rare earth gold" rubber composite material + FZW (all zero winding technology) + unique pattern to design and produce tbr "rare earth gold" tires reaching the international leading level.

Doublestar tire strives to become the world's first tire enterprise to achieve carbon neutrality

The rolling resistance of "rare earth gold" tire can be reduced to 3.8 ~ 4.5. According to comparable data and expert analysis, if a large trailer travels 1 million kilometers and uses "rare earth gold" tires with rolling resistance of 4.5, it can save 63,000 liters of fuel (calculated at 7 yuan per liter, it can save 440,000 yuan of fuel, equivalent to 293 tires for free); The fuel consumption saved by a car is equivalent to reducing carbon emissions by 168 tons.

If the above-mentioned vehicles are estimated at 8 million nationwide, the annual oil saving will exceed 100 billion liters, and the annual oil production of nearly two Daqing Oilfields will be. Reduce carbon emissions by more than 250 million tons and the carbon dioxide absorption of more than 10 million mu of forest a year. It not only reduces the operating cost of car owners, but also makes great social responsibility.

On the other hand, if China's annual production of passenger car tires is calculated as 130 million (service life of about 200,000 km), while the use of Doublestar "rare earth gold" tires can be reduced by about 80 million according to the service life of 500,000 km (without retreading). According to the carbon emission level of existing ordinary enterprises, the 80 million tires can reduce carbon emission by about 3.6 million tons a year, and greatly reduce the resource consumption of front-end raw materials.

According to relevant personnel of Doublestar, relevant measures are being formulated to actively implement the "double carbon" strategy, and strive to make Doublestar tire the first enterprise in the global automobile tire industry to achieve carbon neutralization in 2023 through green energy, intelligent manufacturing, traditional consumption and emission reduction, biological and renewable materials, self-developed CCER carbon trading project, etc.

About "rare earth"

Rare earth is known as industrial "gold", "industrial vitamin" and "mother of new materials". Rare earth is not a kind of soil, but the general name of lanthanides, scandium and yttrium in the periodic table of chemical elements. Its most important function is to significantly improve the quality and performance of other products and form various new materials and other materials with different characteristics. Therefore, as an indispensable raw material for many major weapon systems and sophisticated industries, it is a global scarce and non renewable important strategic resource. China is one of the most rare earth rich countries. China is poor in many strategic resources, such as iron ore, but rare earth resources are very rich. At present, resources are not only a country's precious wealth, but also an important weapon for developing countries to safeguard their own rights and interests and confront the power of big powers.

Rare earth neodymium, chemical symbol Nd, atomic number 60, one of the lanthanide elements, monomers as silver-white metal, is one of the most active rare earth metals, melting point 1024°C, density 7.004g/cm³, paramagnetic. In air it can darken rapidly and generate oxides. Neodymium plays an important role in the field of rare earths and shapes the rare earth market.

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