The Light of National Products, Builds Momentum for a New Journey | Chengshan Tire Releases New Brand Image

20 December 2021 | Source from China Rubber Web

On December 15-16, "2021-2022 Prinx Chengshan Commercial Vehicle Replacement Sales Center Dealer Conference" was held in Sanya, Hainan. The dealers from all over the country and Prinx Chengshan witnessed the moment of glory when its Chengshan Tire brand was renewed and awarded "Top 10 Influential Brands of Chinese Tires" by World Brand Lab.

In recent years, Prinx Chengshan has practiced the four main development axes of "greening, intellectualization, internationalization and branding". The release of the new image of Chengshan brand is an important measure for Prinx Chengshan to deeply implement the branding strategy and practice the road of national brand development, which will through systematic brand reconstruction, further consolidate the leading position and influence of Chengshan brand in the field of domestic commercial vehicle tires and passenger vehicle tires. 

The journey of building up to carry on the glory of the national product

As a well-known domestic tire brand, Chengshan Tire has two brand images with historical marks and characteristics of the times that are widely circulated.

In 1976, Chengshan Tire was born in Rongcheng, Shandong Province. On the easternmost coastline of China, located in Rongcheng, there stood a lighthouse, lighting the way for people working at sea. At that time, the development of China's manufacturing industry was difficult, and Chengshan people strove forward with bravery, tenacity and perseverance, overcoming difficulties and achieving innovative breakthroughs in materials, design, manufacturing process and performance in Chinese tire manufacturing one after another, and the inheritance of the Chengshan spirit was like a lighthouse that guided the struggle of generations of Chengshan people. This is the origin and meaning of the lighthouse element in the original brand image of Chengshan (as shown above). The bright red color of the Chengshan brand is a symbol of the national self-confidence and pride that has been present since its birth.

In 2002, the Chengshan brand was awarded as a Famous Trademark of China, and in 2009, the Chengshan brand image was successfully registered overseas (above). As the representative of tires made in China, Chengshan tires are accelerating to the world market with a more international image.

Today, in the context of the rise of a great nation and the glory of national products, Chengshan Tire is completely renewed and starts a new journey again. The new brand logo (pictured above), which continues the iconic Chinese red, embodies the rich history and culture and the national spirit of struggle all along. The return of the lighthouse element represents Chengshan's unchanging original intention - Chengshan's posture as a "down-to-earth hard worker" remains unchanged; it is brave enough to brave the wind and rain, tough enough to break the waves, and tough enough to become steel. Chengshan has always cherished the character of "bravery, toughness and perseverance" has not changed; the original intention of guarding the road ahead of Chinese drivers, Chengshan has never changed!

The simple but loud slogan "Chinese drivers' choice" represents the trust of Chinese drivers to Chengshan for 45 years, and also explains that Chengshan Tire will continue to take the needs of Chinese drivers as the core, continuously enrich and update the quality product matrix, and fulfill the value commitment to users and partners, in the new era belonging to China, and the strugglers In the new era of China, we will move forward together with the strugglers.

New manufacturing & new journey, Chengshan sets out again 

In the 1990s, the first domestic radial tire was developed and produced by Prinx Chengshan, marking the arrival of China's "radial tire era" and signaling the company's determination to "lead tire innovation". 45 years later, relying on Rongcheng National-level Enterprise Technology Center, Prinx Chengshan has introduced international advanced concepts and technologies such as green tire whole life cycle management, simulation design and dynamics research, and cooperated with Shanghai Communication University, Qingdao University of Science and Technology and other institutions of higher learning to carry out industry-academia-research cooperation, and obtained a total of 225 patents by June 2021. Chengshan commercial vehicle tires have established long-term cooperation with many domestic commercial vehicle enterprises for their unique advantages in energy saving, wear and puncture resistance, stability and safety, and have a leading market share in the industry. At the same time, Chengshan is also actively promoting the passenger car market. With high-quality and high-performance products, it has been recognized by many passenger car drivers. In the first half of 2021, the revenue of passenger car tires nearly doubled, and achieved brilliant growth performance under the slowdown of industry demand.

In recent years, Prinx Chengshan has been actively practicing the four major development spindles of "greening, intellectualization, internationalization and branding", and has taken the lead in achieving 80% product greening in the context of the dual carbon target; relying on the two global intelligent production bases, R&D and production have been fully realized green and intelligent, and reunited with the green supply chain management enterprise of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In terms of end products and services, from high performance commercial vehicle and passenger car tires to intelligent tire services integrating big data technology, Prinx Chengshan is empowering China's green and sustainable transportation development with one innovation and breakthrough after another.

In the future, with the in-depth implementation of the branding strategy and the debut of the new layout of its four brands, Prinx Chengshan will continue to explore the national brand development model in line with the characteristics of the times, differentiated development, firmly practicing the new manufacturing "four" development strategy, and continue to lead the tire made in China.

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